Gallery: Cognitive Dissonance Dispelled

August 31, 2021 by Steve Beckow

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This is a deep stretch of cognitive dissonance I’m going through and it bears looking at because many of us may find ourselves in a similar circumstance at some point.

I’m knee-deep in editing a manual on restorative listening so perhaps I can also ask for your listening here to help me process and release myself from this dissonance.

The situation is: What happens to us when we appear or feel the need to stand in opposition to the people we love?

(A) We have credible-sounding reports of U.S. military tribunal decisions followed by executions; (B) we have lists circulating of people who have allegedly been executed, which correlate with these news reports; and (C) we have a mind-blowing allegation, being cited as fact, that 2.7 million criminals have been executed worldwide by “Nuremberg 2 Tribunals,” an entity I’ve never heard of. That same source told me verbally that the number was now approaching 3 million. (1)

Again I don’t believe the Nuremberg 2 allegation, but just raising the prospect is enough to give me pause and ask myself: Are we in fact engaging in mass executions?

Every fiber of my being shouts, “No! That isn’t what we do.” It isn’t what I do.

Given that the American tribunals (as opposed to the “Nuremberg 2 Tribunals”) are state-run and military, whom I’ve always supported in the past, and given that the Alliance is behind them, whom I’ve been following since 2007, when they were just the “white hats” and “Faction 3,” as well as the legitimate President of the United States, I now find myself much worse off than simply being out of step – I’m in direct opposition to the ones I love and support.

I can’t think – at this moment – of anything more primal than feeling totally out of step with all the people you love.

At the same time, I can’t go along with this.

Imagine the Lone Ranger speaking to the local farmer at the end of the program: “We rounded up the New World Order gang. You don’t have to worry about them any more.”

Local farmer: “Why? What did you do with them?”

Lone Ranger: “Oh, we shot’em all.”

No, no, no. Wrong script. This is not how the movie ends.

So there is, first of all, this dissonance over feeling myself here and all the white hats and the good guys and the forces of freedom (land of the brave, etc.) over there. This is acutely uncomfortable.

I’m not used to it. I don’t have a response to this one.  It was never supposed to happen.

That’s the bad news. Now the good news.

Keep in mind that I also know that cognitive dissonance leads to paradigmatic breakthrough (2) so I’m not somehow going nuts with this. I’m waiting (im)patiently for the breakthrough to occur. And I’m trying to speed it up by talking it out here.

The second part is that I operate at a certain level of focus or concentration, having played the awareness game for quite a while, and so what would not faze another, for me, makes writing difficult. Too much noise or too many interruptions are examples.

I might as well go file papers. Nothing is going to happen. I can’t reach a decent level of concentration. (3)

So the second part of this is that the raising of this possibility of mass executions taking place is a massive interruption for me, one in the face of which I find it difficult to concentrate.  It’s really knocked me over. You can’t unhear what you’ve heard and this one “plagues” me.

In response, am I to just sit here and write away on other topics, with the possibility being that these events might really be transpiring and just not being reported on? Who am I in the matter? All words?

I’m letting you see the contours of the cognitive dissonance I’m in.

I flash on the scene in Waterloo where the young soldier goes mad and runs into the line of fire, shouting “Why are we killing each other? Why? Why?”

Was this an Alliance trial balloon? Do they want to know how we’d react to such a report? Its plausibly deniable. After all, who is the Nuremberg 2 Tribunal? There’s no such thing.

If that’s the case, and I’m unconsciously part of a focus group, then just know that I stand in opposition to such a development as mass executions, no matter who is involved, no matter what the cost to me.

Oh, will you look at this. I feel relief.

Taking this stand is what I’ve needed to do. I’m against mass executions, no matter the cost to me.

Much of the dissonance I’ve been feeling is because I’ve been waffling until this moment. I haven’t wanted to come out in unyielding opposition. But I’m willing now.

I no longer feel confused and distressed.

I acknowledge that I’m to all intents and purposes powerless to stop mass executions, if they are occurring, as the execution lists and news reports suggest.

However I still unequivocally oppose them.  This has never been the way of our society and it isn’t an auspicious beginning to a life beyond the cabal.

I’m now in release, which is the aim of restorative listening. Release came with committed speaking; specifically a declaration of where I stand on the matter.

It dissolved my fears of offending the ones I love.  It resolved all outstanding issues and took precedence over any other concerns.  I’m complete.

Thank you for your restorative listening.


(1) Typical of that reportage is: Michael Baxter, “Hillary Clinton Hanged at GITMO,” Real Raw News, April 26, 2021, at Admittedly many readers will question the source, as I do too, but the articles and the lists correlate.

A typical execution list is at

“Nuremberg Tribunals 2 are in full swing: 2,700,000 executions have already been carried out.” The allegation is simply too fantastic to be believed. I’m not even aware of any “Nuremberg 2 tribunals.”

(2) See “Paradigm Shift,” October 26, 2018, at and Paradigmatic Breakthrough:
 Essays in New-Age Philosophy at

Hitting the latter URL will automatically cause the book to download.

(3) Keep in mind that my short-term memory is kaput so being able to maintain my train of thought (or inspiration) assumes more importance than in the past.


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