Gallery: Judith Kusel: We have Made it !!

August 27, 2021 by Sitara

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Super Quantum shifts have now pulled us into the way of no return!

We have made it!

We are in the New Earth zone now totally!

Embarking on totally new territory in the Unknown!

There is much celebration, as the Universe was holding its breath and indeed because of the Lightworkers managing to expand their consciousness and vibrational energy fields in the last few months, and especially during the Lion Portal, we have are now lifted into the New Earth fully!

It is therefore essential that you ask that ALL of you, and all that you indeed are, and what you interact with and what is yours be lifted into the highest vibrational frequencies of the New Earth too.

Indeed this this is unprecedented – we have made it back into 5th totally, and now the next is to rise fully into the 7th and even the 9th for those who are ready!


We have arrived!

Judith Kusel


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