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August 22, 2021 by Sitara

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Aita Channeling Her Higher Self

Good Day to you Dear Lightworkers, our dear representatives on planet earth today in this August of 2021. You who are awake and aware of the planet earth reality. You who see beyond the deception perception, the fear and the low vibrational illusional delusion.

There are no accidents. You who are listening to this message were meant to hear it. You are wonderful beings, you are of a higher vibration than your still sleeping brethren. You have been through the planet earth schoolroom that teaches the contrast of fear, and you have broken through to love.

You are now, in this time of the great awakening, in this time of chaos and confusion, seeing how deeply planet earth has been controlled, how heavily its people have been programmed into darkness and low vibrational frequency.

God, our creator, all that is – is love, love and only love. You are a part of God. You, each human Soul, is a part of all that is. A wonderful, brave and powerful part of God that decided to come to earth to experience for yourself, and for your creator, what cannot be experienced in heaven.

In heaven, in the spirit world, beyond the physical realm, there is only love. God is love, your soul is a part of God. And yet God thirsts for knowledge, and so, as a part of God your Soul thirsts for knowledge.  Thus you came here to Earth to temper yourself, to batter yourself by the feeling of fear and all the negative emotions that fear encompasses and, by the contrast of that fear, into greater love.

And, you came, as a higher vibrational Soul, or as it is called, an old Soul, to help your fellow humanity out of the pit of darkness and deceit into which they had fallen. They could no longer do this for themselves. They could not lift themselves out of the negative programming, out of the fear they felt, the fear that was pounded into them. For they had fallen too deeply into the mire of deception forced upon them by the controllers that played the part of the devil.

You, at your higher level of resonance, are transducers of the light that is being poured on the earth in this time of a return to love. In this wonderful, magnificent time of awakening, time of release from fear and pain and low vibrational deception.  You are able to receive the waves of love that now surround the earth each day. Your biological computer bodies integrate this love into their beingness and send it out in radar like waves to your brethren and planet earth.

This is why you are here. As we have often said. You are the saviors of the world. The waves of love that you catch and spread are the Christ consciousness that Jesus and the great avatars introduced to the world.  And now, you are the true disciples of these avatars, and you are here to fulfill your destiny. This our dear ones, this is not an easy task. For, compared to the billions of your human brethren there are few of you and many of them.

And you feel very alone and lonely in the sea of fear and negativity that surrounds you. You have tried so hard to reach your brethren. You have tried so hard to share your higher vibrational, loving understanding.  Yet they cannot hear you. You must understand that while their souls are, in every way, equal to yours, they are in a different frequency, a lower vibration. They have not experienced all that you have. You too were programmed into negativity. You too were in the dense darkness of fear and negativity.

You were, as they still are, in the depths of dysfunction, negative thoughts, harsh words, judgment, jealousy, greed, anger and projection that the fear filled human world exhibits.

And, though you have lifted yourself out of the pit of fear darkness, you still fall into it at times. But now, having realized your true self, having accessed the voice of your soul, you are largely in the love vibration that is heaven itself.

And how you want to help your brethren, how you want them to know what is possible, that humanity can and will return to the love that is their souls, their divinities, natural inheritance.  There are, as you now realize, two different vibrational states on earth at this time. There is the low dark and painful frequency of programmed fear. And then, at the release of the programming, at the revelation of the inculcated dysfunctions, there is the vibrational state of love.

The all encompassing, beautiful, natural, free flowing, communion and camaraderie of the love of God. And no human can be in the two vibrations at once. The choice is either fear or love. You have that choice in every now moment, for you are aware of love.

The majority of your brethren are, as yet, not aware of that love. They are caught in the trap, in the low frequency, the pit of darkness, threat and desolation that is the fear vibration.

You vacillate between fear and love as you navigate the difficulties of life moment by moment, day by day. How difficult, how challenging is this.

You, from your new viewpoint, from the upper room of vision of the human condition have a choice. You see the bigger picture of human life and the reason for the corruption, the chaos and the discombobulation.

Your low vibrating brethren, still caught in the trap of the human delusion, do not see this. They cannot see beyond the programming, the words and the fear teachings with which they are presented every day.

The dark ones are desperate and they have ramped up the fear entrainment. They pound the death and dying message into their listeners. They have done all they can to separate, divide and keep mankind isolated from each other.  In this isolation fear of each other, fear of all and everything is the predominant frequency. And so you, who come from love, you who see beyond the fear, you who recognize the corruption, the outright lies that are propounded by the dark ones mouthpiece the televisions and newspapers – you cannot reach your brethren with the truth.

You have tried, goodness knows you have tried, and you are vilified, laughed at, denigrated for your efforts. For to your brethren, it is not possible that you know more than their television newscasters.

They are caught in their arrogant certainty. Their perspective, their comprehension is that which is given them by the voice of the powers that be .

Their universe of understanding has been formed by the words they hear and the picture of the world they are given by the media. It is within that frame of reference that they comprehend what is occurring around them.  They cannot see beyond that, for that is all they know, all they see. And so they are in arrogant certainty that what they understand to be the truth, is the truth.  They cannot see beyond their five senses. From the low vibration in which they dwell they cannot access the voice of their soul. They ideas are formed through what they receive through their eyes, their ears, their sense of touch, taste and smell.

Their sixth sense, the voice of their soul, is not available to them. You, our dear ones, have accessed the voice of your soul, you hear the voice of your soul, your intuition.

You world of comprehension is at a different frequency, a different vibration than is theirs. You have a greater world view. You see the planet earth experience from the upper room of love and contact with your soul

You see the reason for the negative entrainment, the programming that has been perpetrated on mankind. That is, to learn greater love mankind has been trained into fear.

You do not have arrogant certainty that you are right. In fact, you know that there is a great deal that you do not know. Yet what you do now is magnificent, for, having broken the bonds of the human delusion, you feel the love of the creator, the love of all that is coursing through your veins.

And you so want to share that understanding, that love with your brethren. It cannot be done, until they break out of the fear frequency. Until they do this they will remain in the arrogant certainty that what they have been told is true, is the only truth that there is.

They cannot hear you, they cannot yet feel the love vibration that is being poured on the earth. This is the reason for all the chaos, the disruption, the false and ridiculous situation that is now occurring on planet earth.

Since they cannot be told, they must be shown the truth. They must start to question. Their comprehension of the situation must come from the awakening of their soul within. It cannot be forced upon them.

It is not easy to awaken those who are sleeping in the deep darkness of mortal illusion. It is happening, and as decreed by the divine, it is inevitable that it will happen.

Be of good cheer dear ones. Do not try to teach your still sleeping brethren, for in doing so, as they lash out as what they see to be your ridiculous words, you will fall back into choosing fear.  Stay in the love vibration. Live, love laugh. As you meet each other in this wonderful new high vibrational world that you are creating, commune with each other.

As they awaken to the wonder of their true divine reality, to the deception that has been perpetrated on them, they will need you and your kind voice.  They will be in shock and awe. And you will be here to help. That is why you are here, to bring in and spread the love energy that is being disseminated onto the earth and to help your brethren comprehend their new reality as they awaken.

Yes, be of good cheer dear ones. For the best is yet to come. These times of chaos and confusion are numbered and the the best is yet to come.

Aita Channeling Her Higher Self.

The Best Is Yet to Come.


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