Gallery: It’s Not the ‘Watermarks’ on the Ballots – It’s Better”

August 20, 2021 by Steve Beckow

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Thanks to Brian.

Jovan Pulitzer Reveals It’s Not the ‘Watermarks’ on the Ballots – It’s Better (VIDEO)

Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit, August 19, 2021


Jovan Pulitzer uncovers more than watermarks.

Yesterday Jovan Pulitzer reported that the Arizona Audit Report of the 2020 Election in Maricopa County will be provided to the Arizona Senate on Friday.

But on Wednesday Pulitzer released something nearly as significant. It was a Pulitzer Surprise!

It Wasn’t Watermarks They’ve Been Looking For. It’s Much, Much Better!

In a video he released Wednesday on Twitter, Jovan explained that identifying markings are in fact on the ballots and are exactly what they were looking for during the audit! He explained it wasn’t bamboo paper as audit detractors claimed, and it wasn’t secret “watermarks” either.

It was, however, a secret printer-identifying protocol established years ago by the Secret Service to help catch counterfeiters. Here is the video:

Hit graphic to watch video

The matrix decodes the placement of the markings and reveals the precise identity of the printer by serial number along with the exact date and time the document was printed.

This goes to show that there is more than just “bean counting” involved in a forensic audit.  An example of the printed microdots:


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