Gallery: Etherically Using our Brilliant Tri-Flames & 2 Fingers to the Heart ✌️

August 18, 2021 by Kathleen Mary Willis

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Sanat Kumara told us in 2014 we are transcending time and space reality:

“I want you to know this in the very core of your brilliant tri-flame — which none of you are working enough with, by the way.” (1)

The tri-flame helps us understand how things work in the higher realms, from peace, Love and joy to gender equality.

Being still in the heart is more important than ever Now.


Within our emerald heart chakra rests our tri-flame, the Mother’s Blue Flameour own pink flame with it’s silver core, and the Golden Flame of the Father.

These flames when burning brightly, equal in strength and vitality, are gender equality within.

With equal Love for our Divine Mother (& our physical mother, in or out of form) – our feminine energy, and our Divine Father (& our physical father, in or out of form) – our masculine energy, in peace and the forgiveness, LOVE and thecompassion, joy and the gratitude we are BALANCE, gender equality within.


In contemplation of our tri-flame, we find understandings, clues to our becoming.

The knowing of the Mother’s Movement of Peace, ability to forgive everything, and the Peace of the Father, the wisdom of forgiveness, is held within the blue flame.

The Mother’s Compassion, Love for everything, ability to bless everything, be non-judgemental, and the Virtue of the Father to hold the highest vision of the Love for All, is found in our pink flame.

The Mother’s Joy, our sacred mission, action, physical building of Nova Being, Nova Earth, and our sacred purpose, the Joy of the Father, the gratitude for the balance of gender equality, is found in the golden flame.

Equal qualities of the Mother’s Movement, Her Ability of Blessing, of Loving Everything, and the Love, the Wisdom, theVirtue of the Father are found in each flame.

Equal Love for Mother & Father = ONENESS

A balanced tri-flame is gender equality.

Understanding and knowing
feminine and masculine,
blessing and virtue,
N o v a B e i n g

We = One

Sanat Kumara:

“Long ago the Council has given you the exercise of 2 fingers to the heart to give the Love and open another’s heart.

“Now this is not merely a feel-good or esoteric exercise.

“You can touch the hearts of millions all at once.

“You can give them this gift.

“You can line them up and say:

‘Today I am opening the hearts of all the recalcitrants.

‘Today I am opening up all the hearts of the Taliban.

‘Today I am opening up all the hearts of all who sit in governance.’

“And simply do it.

“You are far more powerful than you have recognized and given yourself credit for.

“We know how powerful you are. We are not partnering with juniors. You are not in a training phase. And we have passed the preparedness and the readiness.

“We are in action, beloveds!” (2)

Heart Consciousness
Love is E v e r y t h i n g


The Scales of Justice: the Knowing of Balance,
the Gratitude for Peace, Love & Joy
Gender Equality Within/Without


(1)Kathleen Mary Willis, “Working with the Tri-Flame and Our Love of the Mother,” Golden Age of Gaia, March 13, 2014, at

(2) “Sanat Kumara: You Have Fully Assumed the Mantle of Your Divine Authority,” June 10, 2017, channeled by Linda Dillon for the Council of Love,


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