Gallery: Things Coming to a Head?

August 17, 2021 by Steve Beckow

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People clung to the wheel wells of C-17 cargo planes taking off from Kabul airport

Everything seems to be coming to a head. Afghanistan is an unfolding tragedy. Some countries are abandoning their Covid regimes, Denmark being the latest. Mass protests are taking place in others.

The American southern border seems wide open. “President Biden” seems unable to govern and the calls for his impeachment are beginning to be heard.

The election fraud is being spelled out. Resistance is growing among citizens concerned for election integrity.

On and on the litany goes as the pressure builds, allegedly orchestrated to bring President Trump back and kickstart NESARA/GESARA. (1)

I have some food stashed away, a little bit of cash on hand. Once the EBS goes off and the Internet goes down, we’ll be watching the show with everyone else. I plan to cocoon for the ten days.

When the lights go back on, we’ll pick up tools again.

If the Reval happens in the meantime, that will call for a big reorganization. We can discuss all that when it happens. I’m sure you join me in wishing it might happen sooooooon.


(1) The National Economic Security and Reformation Act is an act of the American Congress, agreed to by the international community in it global version or GESARA. It mandates wide-ranging changes in governance, finances, and other aspects of our common life. The Reval is an element of NESARA that will see various currencies revalued. Its purpose is to get money into the hands of lightworker humanitarian philanthropists for the building of Nova Earth.


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