Gallery: Matt Kahn: Beyond Conditioning

August 17, 2021 by Sitara

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Despair is not you giving up on you.

It’s the ego beginning to let go, giving you the brand new opportunity of getting to know yourself beyond the threshold of conditioning.

Since you have spent more human time in conditioning, and because awakened consciousness always exists as a timeless reality, you will go through what feels like an existential death, as you grieve the patterning being healed that can feel like the end of you.

While so many dream of the day such patterning will be gone, the moment it actually begins to dissolve feels more like death and despair, as an unlikely foreshadowing of rebirthing in progress.

This is why you are here, learning to hold loving space for such a sacred process.

With nothing to chase away, dismiss, or deny and everything to honor and embrace, the beauty of your newly-awakened consciousness blossoms at the rate in which your heart feels safe enough to open.

All For Love,



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