Gallery: Judith Kusel: Lightbody Activations

August 16, 2021 by Sitara

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Immensely powerful lightbody activations are pouring in, like turbo chargers.

It is lifting us into much higher vibrational frequency bands and indeed activation the new paradise keys and codes.

We are being lifted now totally beyond the old 3D and 4D vibrational frequency bands as the New Earth accelerates into the 7th, and original paradise dimensional frequency band.

Things are going to happen on all fronts now.

The old 3D creation is going to spin out its illusions.

All the muck is being spun up.

Do not be fooled by the death throes of the old.

Keep focussed on inner balance and harmony with the heart and soul centers filled with love.

The Divine Feminine is intensely present now, as is The Power of Love. She is creating the new in all new forms and existence.

It is time to fully embrace the new you and the new embodiment.

Judith Kusel


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