Gallery: Gigi Young ~ How Does ET/Inter-Dimensional Contact Work?

August 16, 2021 by Suzanne Maresca

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Gigi covers the topic in a way I haven’t seen or heard before.  She offers a fascinating shift in perspective…

August 15, 2021

ET/inter-dimensional contact is not random nor is it a wholly material, external phenomenon. There are universal laws that govern the portals that feed into our planet. To understand this concept (or to understand contact) we must understand consciousness.

Inter-Dimensional contact works through the universal law of resonance and attraction, essentially, we attract what we are. This occurs on both an individual and collective level. Collectively, or as a planet, we attract beings from different timelines of our own earth. These timelines represent both our light and our darkness and our work is to discern at this time which is which.


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