Gallery: The Mechanics of Ascension

August 14, 2021 by Steve Beckow

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Blossom’s Federation of Light have offered us a unique view into the possible mechanics of Ascension.

They tie in the monoliths, ley lines, crystals, etc., all of it culminating in Ascension.

I’ve arranged what they say in a question-and-answer format, with Blossom’s permission.

I’d like to turn to the mechanics of Ascension. Firstly are you aware of the monoliths

Federation of Light: Indeed, we are. … They are monitors. They are receptors. They are activators. They are connectors. They are reflectors. … They are certainly not toys! They are of a material that may appear ‘Earthly’ yet it is not. (1)

When will the monoliths be in place?

Federation of Light: All [monoliths] are now in place. Yet, none are to be activated, at this time. They shall remain dormant until ‘The signal’ is given, at which point they shall ‘Come alive and do their thing.’ …

They will send tones and signals to one another across your Globe and out to other sources like themselves, that are not on your Planet. The connections between them … each one … shall we say … would be in comparison to a conversation. As you can imagine this is a complex matter that cannot be completely understood on the human brain’s capacity level at this time. Extremely advanced scientists will not be able to keep up with the signals and communications between them, for their codings are not of/from this world.

And what is their purpose?

FoL: To activate many Ley Lines, Portals, vast dormant Crystals that lie beneath your soil. To activate within the human mind … codes that were set/given long before your presence on Earth. …

They are a matrix that runs throughout your Earth’s patterns. We would describe them like a rabbit warren. For although there is structure to these patterns, there are also many ‘threads’ … billions … that are connected throughout … yet, all receiving the same messages and codes from Source. …

They will magnetically charge the very ground that you walk upon. Imagine a matrix that runs throughout your Globe … as if ‘when activated’ … the main centers… such as the places you know as Uluru, Stone Henge, and five others … will be the starter points for this ‘charge’ to then spread throughout the intricate and complex ‘threads’, so that there is not one piece of land that is not encompassed by it. …

It is part of the ‘show’. It is necessary for this magnetism to be ‘underway’ in order for the rest of the process to take place and be completed. (2)

Solar flare

Can you tell us about the solar flash that carries the wave of love please?

Federation of Light: The actual ‘flash’ itself as it leaves the Sun … will trigger a few of them … would we say … the main circuits /switchboards [of the monoliths]… which in turn will Energetically connect with all the others, for they are all … ready … in place. All ready and interconnected through their routes. (3)

So the Sun is our link to Source energy?

FoL: We have spoken before of your Sun (that you are aware of) being the gateway to the Divine Source. Therefore, THIS DIVINE WAVE OF LOVE HAS TO COME FROM WITHIN IT. All that is involved. For once this wave begins to flow … there shall be more to follow. (4)

FoL: Yes. We cannot begin to explain the enormity of this. It is imperative for Earthly strategies to be in place … along with certain Planetary/Star alignments … in order for EVERYTHING to come together in THIS DIVINE PLAN. In order for the END OF THE DARKNESS and the BEGINNING OF THE LIGHT WORLD to flow into position. As you can imagine, Blossom … the complexity of this Plan is far from a ‘walk in the park.’ (5)

What happens when this happens?

FoL: [The monoliths] are of much Power … beyond your comprehension, or anyone of Earth. When ‘ignited’, when ‘activated’ … and ‘at play/in play’ … their ENERGY will enable a huge Magnetic, Energetic, Electrical Wave … of both Sound and Movement.

Dare I ask about the ‘movement’ part?

FoL: Taking your beloved Planet through to a Higher Dimension. (6)

That sounds like Ascension to me. White Cloud, any comment?

White Cloud: When that time comes, that wave of love, that energy of love will sweep over, through, within your planet. You know this because it was shown to you before you came and you agreed that you would put up with all you are putting up with now in the knowing that this wave of love, this Event if you like, will take place.”

And when it does the change in vibration upon your planet and within [you] will feel so different from the way you are feeling now. (7)

When will it come?

FoL: This can only take place when ALL IS IN PLACE.

So, although we say the ‘structures’ are ‘set’ … they are not programmed for any particular date. They are programmed when all is in alignment. (8)


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