Gallery: The Consciousness State of Ecstasy

August 15, 2021 by Steve Beckow

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I’ve gathered together recent explorations of ecstasy into one place (below). 

Ecstasy is part of the ladder of consciousness (love, bliss, ecstasy, and exaltation). 

Each of these probably-moderated experiences apparently raises our vibration somewhat and prepares us for ultimate Ascension. 

Soon NESARA/GESARA will be here and people can turn their full attention to their spiritual unfoldment.

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We’re told that numerous technologists and technicians are working behind the scenes making med beds, replicators, Tesla free-energy equipment, etc.

Meanwhile, in front of the camera, so to speak, numerous spiritual students are investigating the contours of consciousness to find a way of talking about our spiritual journey.

Their work is done for the many people in the population who will have no idea what’s going on or what’s happening to themselves.

These wayshowers and pathfinders explain what Ascension involves and how it feels to experience the higher states.

Here we primarily investigate the divine quality called ecstasy. I surprise myself often when writing a booklet like this. I find all manner of things that I’d forgotten.

For instance, I think there are as many as four accounts of time spent in exaltation in this book. Exaltation is apparently a higher state than ecstasy.

I’d only remembered the original incident, when I was on my way to a local coffeeshop and entered this sublime state for a few seconds. But there were several more that happened after that. Thank heavens, I wrote them down.

The deeper I go into consciousness, the more I remain in the moment and the more I forget almost everything. Sooner or later, I’m going to have to stop resisting being solely in the moment.

Be that as it may, I assert, as a result of my own explorations so far, that there’s a ladder of consciousness, and it goes beyond the Fifth or even the Seventh. It consists of these stair steps: love, bliss, ecstasy, and exaltation.

I know. We’re used to thinking of dimensions. But for me, a student of awareness, I’m far more interested in how I feel than what the roadsign says.

Love, bliss, etc., are all just names we’ve given to deeper and deeper forms of love. As love grows in intensity from what we think of as “love” to bliss to ecstasy and finally to exaltation, we find ourselves turned outward some of the time and inward some of the time – unpredictably. It makes it hard for others to be around us.

Bernadette Roberts found in her spiritual practice a time when she had to be intensely alone. But then, at a higher level (which I think was Ascension for her), she needed to be around people. I personally am in the intensely insular phase.

Ecstasy, which is the main theme of this booklet, is so conclusively satisfying that whatever one has going on with themselves, it’s instantly taken care of and the decks are cleared.

It’s as if we suddenly received word that the King was coming aboard our ship, on a surprise visit. Everything is hidden under a tarp and we stand at attention. Ecstasy is like that. In the face of it, we throw a lifetime’s resentments overboard in a heartbeat and stand at attention.

However. One is infinitely more sensitive, in this space, and will avoid people whose vibrations are too dense and hard to tolerate.

Apart from that, recovery from all the grumbles and groans of our lives takes less than a second; ecstasy is irresistible.

It’s the great peacemaker. The space of ecstasy is completion, fulfilment, satisfaction. One is left without any material wants.

So no craving and no aversion, two of the three pitfalls the Buddha warned us about? All that’s left is the third – ignorance of our true identity.

Having said all this, I look back now after the exploration has concluded, and regard it as a toned-down experience of ecstasy, as I discuss in “The Quandary of Ecstasy.” If this had been a full-blown Twelfth-Dimensional experience, I believe I would have burst my body and never have returned.

You’ve seen Michael and the Mother truncate most other experiences. I fully expect to hear that this one was as well.

Ecstasy is another of our launch pads – like detachment, stillpoint, and normality.

Ecstasy brings us, not to stillpoint and rest, but to complete satisfaction and rest.

Stillpoint sees the “I” of “I want” quiet down; ecstasy sees the “want” of “I want” quiet down. Both prepare the launch pad for whatever comes next.

Look how far in to the study of consciousness we’ve gone from the early days of reporting how we felt. Then sharing with each other authentically. Then seeing how all of this worked in relationship.

Then reaching the end of work life and beginning the life of the forest-dweller, burrowing into consciousness. And then the experiences – all road markers – start.

That’s my fantasy about my own journey. Never quite made the forest but nothing fascinates me more than plumbing the depths of awareness or consciousness.

I hope that you enjoy these explorations and that they help you in your gradual upward journey to Ascension.

I want to thank my wonderful partners in this exploration – Suzanne Maresca, Sitara Williamson, Kathleen Mary Willis, Catherine Viel, Karen Hoffman, Len Satov, Brian Haley, and D’Arcy Oliver.

I love you, One and All.

Steve Beckow
Golden Age of Gaia

Download your copy of The Consciousness State of Ecstacy here:

Hitting the link automatically downloads a copy.


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