Gallery: Ken Carey ~ The Mystery Revealed

August 12, 2021 by Suzanne Maresca

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I recently finished reading another brilliant book by Ken Carey: Vision.  The final chapter just blew me away with its relevance for this moment, no matter that it was originally published in 1985.  The book itself is only 87 pages, and well worth a read.  Please enjoy the beautiful and final Chapter 12 ~

The Mystery Revealed

by Ken Carey

I have shared this glimpse of your future, not to distract you from the healing and educational work that lies ahead, but to inspire you and to lift your hearts in the midst of it. Persevere where darkness is yet the thickest, where voices of discouragement whisper that human problems will not be solved.

It is but a little while and such illusion will pass. Be patient. Keep the fire of your love ever burning. I bring this vision to quicken your spirits, to enliven your congregations, to give understanding, where before had been only mystery.

There is no mystery to my ways. The only mystery has been why my people have stubbornly favored their human images of God over the Living Reality of my Presence, as if their images of truth would serve them better than their Creator and truest friend.

There is no truth that I would keep from those who love, nor any understanding whatsoever of things in heaven above, in the Earth, or in the waters under the Earth, that is not yours for the inquiry. Do not let the confused muddle you with their own confusion or draw you into the webs of dogma that entangle those who are not honest with their spirits or themselves.

There is no mystery, no secret, no truth temporal or eternal that shall not come into the lives of those who serve their Creator. I illumine the understanding and enlighten the vision of all who love. My words have always been simple and straightforward, and ever the teachings of love have been clear to all who cared to be honest.

Invite me into your heart. Let my Holy Spirit guide your decisions. Allow my perceptions to flow gently through your awareness. I will show you no mystery, but the Truth that will make you free.

My perceptual field focuses automatically in each human being, adjusting for each and every situation, providing precisely the range of awareness that is required for that moment in time. Perfection is trusting this, accepting the field of awareness that you have in any given moment, knowing it as precisely what you need for the purpose you are there to fulfill.

When you have this trust, you know yourself as one with your Creator. You do all things well, enjoying your work and bringing happiness to those whose space and time you share. Trust first in the little things and as this habit grows, you will come to see the larger picture.

Be with me now. Let your heart be still. Let all within the field of your awareness drift gently to a state of rest. Take time for me, and I will give you anew time and a new way to use the time you have. A day set aside? An hour? A few moments? More than the air, you need communion with your Holy Spirit.Take the time to be still, to be with me. Let yourself rest in Eternal Being. Know the peace and security of your Creator’s Presence, the inheritance, the birthright you have forgotten.

Sustain yourself in a restful state, trusting, while I flow refreshing through your circuitry, soothing you with grace,  illuminating your understanding. To consciousness I call you, to a time of birth and awakening, to an Age of Discovery and adventure, but most of all, I call you home, home to your Being, where you and I are One.

As you come home to me, I come home to the Earth. My joy is your joy.  Our joy is full. It is good to be home. Through you, I come home, not only to the Earth, but to all the material plane. Through you, I come to make a conscious home inside the universe of my Creation. Through you, I am born in a manger of matter, in a Bethlehem of space, beneath a canopy of stars.

Only the quality of the transition lies unknown, awaiting you. Will the age turn easily as a Spring coming gently to the countryside? Will March winds howl? Will there be a storm ? Or will gentle rains quietly wash away the snow of centuries in a single night?

This very moment, I am incarnating, entering, awakening in all who love, more quickly where there is prayer, more rapidly where there is understanding. I am already among you, in your streets and villages, in your marketplaces, in your homes, in each healthy human being.

And daily my Presence grows. For every one in whom I am conscious this very hour, there are ten thousand more in whom I am present just below the surface, awaiting only that small, external spark that you might provide to trigger their memory, to turn their recognition, to return their awareness of All That Is.

At a pace that grows exponentially with each passing year, my coming continues, decentralized, grass roots, bubbling beneath the fabric of every social structure, rising with the joy of every genuinely happy heart. Soon what is done in Reality, what is done in eternity, will also be done in Earth and in time. Terra Christa. One home. One Family. One Spirit. One Song.

And it shall come to pass that the Creator of all the stars in the sky came for a season to make a home on this Earth, clothed in the robes of biology, conscious in a human family, creating, celebrating, being within all.

Do not think that you are unprepared for this transition. I have prepared you myself. In Truth, it could not be delayed much longer. Soon the skies of the Holy Mother will ripple with laughter and her heart will rejoice. The cities that remain will mirror the light of the stars in heaven, and every human heart will echo the Eternal Love of the One who has come to the Earth to be the many. Christ. Incarnate.

Awakened. The world and they that dwell therein bathed in joy boundless and without measure.

For I am the first and the last, the beginning and the end, the Creator of all that is and of all that is to be. My potential is infinite, my Being, eternal. All creation is an ever-unfolding picture of what I conceive. The star fields are my canvas, humans are my brushes, biology is my paint.

The picture I create lives and dances, sparkling in multi-dimensional form as together with my people, I journey down the living corridors of time. My consciousness is the gift that I offer to all children, all women, all men of all races, tribes and nations who choose to dedicate themselves to LIVES OF LOVE.

As I leave these words to rest without me, I do not leave you. I am always with you. To the extent that you are open to the spirit of these words, my Presence will grow in your life until you and I are one in your consciousness as we have ever been one in Reality.

I beat with every throb of your heart, feel with every touch of your hand, cry your every tear, breathe your every breath. I am never far away. Abide always in my Love. I am the only Truth and the only Reality.

Welcome home, my human spirit. You have a happy childhood just around the corner.


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