Gallery: Poof Said for July 26, 2021

July 26, 2021 by Steve Beckow

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Greetings and Salutations,

We can tell you that it feels slick, seamy, ugly, fearful to some, painful, and unreal and surreal all in one lump sum.

There are many aspects of all that are affecting society that make this a huge (dump load of shzt) that won’t make any of you feel much better. Still, the dark and rotten and corrupt toxicity has to come to the surface and be met with a proper way to handle it, not dispose of it, but handle, bring it forth, let it be seen for what it is and take heed; get out of hysteria and stay the course; there are those in the know that know the whole thing is not lost and the outcome will be better than you currently think.

Just stay on the higher side and out of the muck. Get the goods together that you think you will need and do the math; there won’t be a total lockdown =- people won’t settle for that again; there are those who have caught on to the intention to choke the economy down to a small spurt. Paying attention is worth it. Get the goods you need and know this too shall pass.

Love and Kisses,



(1) “Poof” is J. A. Holmes, who gave us his “intel” regularly some years ago, before the Deep State offed him.

Now he communicates from the other side. He has a ringside seat. I put a lot of credence in his enhanced observations.

On Poof’s passing in 2013, Sanat Kumara eulogized him:

“Poof has been welcomed with great fanfare. Celebration. Now, this is not unusual, for this is the way in which this process is undergone. But as you well know, this has been a trusted and faithful communicator and servant, and one that has completed the mission — or at least, as it was perceived, let us put it that way.

“There are no immediate plans, for this one, as I have said to you before, or Michael has, he deserves a good rest. And besides which, he is quite confident that he can affect and do a great deal of work from what you think of as this side as well. It is amazing, in many ways, what can be accomplished when you do not have the confines of a mortal body. …

“Poof has literally been true to his name. He has gone up in smoke. And he has arrived home, at peace, in joy and love, and he will be in constant communication with his beloved wife.”  (“Sanat Kumara: Many of You Have Already Ascended and Straddle Dimensions,” May 28, 2013, at


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