Gallery: The Legions of Love

July 22, 2021 by Steve Beckow

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There are so many helpful, useful channeled messages coming out right now that it’s hard to keep up.

Recently Sitara posted one from Judith Kusel. The message – Judith’s emergence, so to speak – was spectacular and shows you some of the changes occurring. (1)

I want to repost part of a recent message from Ann and the Angels that Suzi posted. It captures the action of the collective consciousness.

In my view, we were called here – in part – to be a legion of angels, a chorus of gratitude to the Divine for what we’re being given. And this message captures that element of the divine play very well.

Suzi Maresca, “Messages from Ann & the Angels ~ Riding the Waves of Love,”  July 20, 2021, at

At times, you don’t feel so important, so necessary, so… more than enough! You sit on your couch and scroll through your phones. On your news or social media, you watch the buffet of the human experience parading in front of you.

You like this and you don’t like that. You want this and you don’t want that. You see something that triggers a desire within you and you wish for better… and in so doing you set the entire universe in motion! (2)

It doesn’t seem as if you are doing anything and yet, with your every simple loving wish, you sound a silent note of Love and energy that begins to travel through the cosmos. It joins with the energies of others who have wished for something similar and soon these collective notes of love begin to create a symphony of frequency – a tidal wave of love that begins to wash through other human hearts.

The more of you that have similar wishes and desires, the stronger the symphony, and the more hearts that are touched. The greater the love, the stronger the waves of energy, and the more hearts you will influence. This is how your simple desires become energies, which become inspirations, which become ideas, which turn to actions that become movements that create lasting change upon your planet earth.

The greater the degree of love with which your wish is made, the stronger your note sounds in the symphony of energies being emitted by the human race.


(1) Sitara, “Judith Kusel: I AM Choosing,” July 20, 2021, at

(2) Want, want, not want attracts an “I” to fulfill itself, after which “I want” sets “the entire universe in motion” to get what it wants.


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