Gallery: 3 Ways to Hold Intention, Go Higher, Increase Our Frequency — Change Our World by the End of 2021

July 22, 2021 by Kathleen Mary Willis

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3 Ways to Hold Intention, Go Higher, Increase Our Frequency — Change Our World by the End of 2021

A Daily Exercise from the 9D Arcturian Council through Daniel Scranton:

If you close your eyes and you focus on breathing while holding that intention of going higher than you have ever gone before in your frequency, and you do that once a day, you will get better and better and better, and your baseline will shift.

Your default setting will be a higher frequency than it once was, and not only will you live a better life, but you will have more tools for helping others to live better lives as well.

If every single one of you receives this message takes us up on our suggestion, and then shows one other person how to do it, and encourages them to show one other person how to do it, and you keep that chain going, you can change your world by the end of 2021 to a place that you would not even recognize, and that would be a very good thing from our perspective.

Another way, a Guided Meditation: The 13th Octave takes us up to the Heart of One — the Divine Mother/Father One — through Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love.

And a Daily Exercise from Sanat Kumara, our Universal Logos and Keeper of Universal Law, from the Universal Law of Intent:

Treating Ourselves in Kind, Nurturing, Considerate Ways

He asks us to choose a partner — a family member, a friend, a stranger — and everyday to engage either mentally, esoterically or actually, in a kind and loving exchange, a relationship that is expressive and reflective and in alignment with how we Love ourselves, and in reciprocity how we Love and wish to be treated everyday, and then to formulate the same relationship with prayer, meditation, intent with our water and our food.

He said if we were to do these 3 very simple things — engage with an individual, our water, our food in kind, loving, nurturing, gentle ways for 1 month — the shift upon our planet would be unbelievable.

He does not say significant he says, “Unbelievable” because we are breaking the old pattern, and erecting, constructing the New, ignoring what does not serve, anchoring what does serve, what fills our hearts with supreme gladness in form.

He suggests we engage with a friend, a family member or a stranger, to watch it blossom.

Gazing into another’s eyes for several minutes a day (8 minutes works well) is one way to engage with an individual.

Doing this the old patterns fall away and the New that is underneath truly shines like the brilliant pattern of the Mother and the Father that it is.

Call on Sanat Kumara for help with this.

With practice,
we align ourselves with the Love,
and the sacred Universal Law of Intent.

It is asking that everything we do, think, feel, believe,
be in alignment with the Sacred Law of Intent,
of which our sacred intent is part.

If we keep to that practice daily, hourly,
it eliminates all feelings of lack.

The Universal Laws are the truth of God.

Aligning ourselves with Love
and the sacred Universal Law of Intent,
we align with the truth of our being which is balance.


An invocation for preparing a meal: 

I invoke Sanat Kumara, our star family, Gaia, the elementals
and the Universal Law of Give and Receive
so that this food and water I am preparing
is activated to its full potential for myself and who I Am serving
and therefore all food and water on the planet
are activated to full potential. 

I Am the Eternal Flow of give and receive,
kindness and gratitude.

This is so All receive the blessings. 

Everything in creation is codes, and the core code is Love, so when we receive the blessings from our star family, Gaia, the elementals, the food itself, the Love is flowing. 

If something has been sitting on the shelf for a day or two, it is reactivated to its full potential. 

The joy creating a meal is a million-fold greater and when the food is served, whether it is to self, family, a pet, it is a gift because it is in alignment with the Law. 

I am receiving, I am giving,
I am receiving, I am giving gratitude,
I am receiving back gratitude, 

I Am the Eternal Flow.


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