Gallery: Conscious Awareness: The Need for a Quantum Language

July 21, 2021 by Steve Beckow

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For me, to “be in the moment” and to “be aware” cover 95% of the same territory.

Michael wants me to be in the moment. We’ve discussed it on a number of occasions:

Archangel Michael: Think of it! You are part of the strategy that we are employing to change the face of humanity!

Steve: [Chuckling.] In what way, Lord?

AAM: Because you focus on the moment. You focus on what is directly in front of you and important, not on the list of various things that may or may not need your attention and your full regard. (See 1 for others.)

What better way to “be” in the moment, to remain in present time than to remain aware of every thought, every feeling, every sensation one has.  The awareness path fits perfectly with what Michael requests.

Not surprisingly. (2)

I see the present moment as a portal between unconscious and conscious awareness. Gosh, how do I describe the difference between those two?

Again the difficulty arises of describing states beyond the reach of Third-Dimensional language. (Watch for the advent of a quantum language.)

Unconscious awareness is us being aware but at a dense level. Hindus call it thamas or lethargy.

We give very little thought to our actions and operate not very far above animals, but with a veneer of civilization; that is, a great deal of self-justifying rhetoric.

Conscious awareness is being aware and being aware one is aware.  It’s being responsible for one’s participation in life and being responsible for being responsible.   It’s valuing love above all and valuing oneself for valuing love above all.

In conscious awareness, one is here. One is present. One is in the moment, whether still or in the flow.

The designation of unconscious/conscious awareness belongs to a 1979 map of enlightenment by  Werner Erhard.

No dimension was given. It wasn’t related at all to dimensional knowledge. Nor was anyone else in society discussing such a topic.  It just wasn’t part of the culture yet.

While we did discuss enlightenment, no notion of a chain of enlightenments was given. Few people in the west discussed the chakras. And if anyone discussed these subjects, they saw no further than seventh-chakra enlightenment, short of Ascension.

Except the Buddha, Jesus, Bodhidharma, and a few others. (3)

The model of unconscious awareness breaking through to conscious awareness is very useful and adaptable.  It fits every stage of enlightenment, past our Ascension, past many other Ascensions, time out of mind.

That being said, breakthrough was only one avenue from unconscious to conscious awareness that Werner explored. Being with, truth-telling, challenging, making a commitment, etc. – he had a consciousness toolbox.

Final note: Flow is the paradigm of the Fifth Dimension: This is my hypothesis.

When we lift our sights from the merely intellectual (good/bad, right/wrong), to at least the experiential (how we feel, what feels right and good) and at best to the realizational (I see, I know), we leave behind a world that works for a few against the many. We soon find ourselves in a setting and environment that works for everyone. (4) Its characteristic is the never-ending flow of love in which we’re embraced.

Message in a Bottle: Flow is an experiential paradigm. Love and bliss are the result. Desirelessness would make the process easier.


(1) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, June 17, 2020. Also:

AAM: An agreement that we have is that you have agreed and you are living very much in the moment.  (Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Aug. 5, 2020.)

AAM: I beg of you, do not assume that when you write of what you are calling “the inner work,” that this does not have profound effect because the focus of the leadership movement, right now is on the inner work. (AAM, June 7, 2015.)

Compare with what the Arcturian Group has said:

“The next year is going to be one of turmoil but great awakening as much of the old begins to crumble. It is important to stay in the now moment, not projecting and worrying about what is now or what is to come. Trust that earth’s ascension is a Divine Plan and Divine Plans cannot be diverted or affected by resistance from human minds that are governed by ego and false information.” (Arcturian Group, Sept. 20, 2020.)

(2) Sometimes I expect him to say: Here is the perfect thing I want you to be doing. What is that? Precisely what you’re doing.

(3) Sri Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharshi, Franklin Merrell-Wolff, Bernadette Roberts, etc.

(4) Even life in the higher summerlands of the afterlife – our Fourth Dimension – works for everyone. But they’re free of the encumbrance of the physical body, whose densifying influence lowers our light and makes us sluggish compared to them.


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