Gallery: Judith Kusel: I AM Choosing

July 20, 2021 by Sitara

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Steve: Judith declares her freedom and sovereignty. I’d like to make sure everyone has a chance to read. Thanks, Sitara.

I AM choosing to stay totally focused on stepping fully into the New Earth and to be purified more and more, as I leave the Old Earth behind me forever.

I AM choosing not to allow the Old Earth and all who still choose to be upon her, influence me, pull me down, or try to hold me in any form or way.

I AM choosing my freedom as soul, for I cannot be bound anymore by anything or anyone.

I AM seeing and experiencing the New Earth in her exquisite beauty, as the New Jerusalem is rising, and how she is vibrant with new life and new beginnings. I welcome her, and I rejoice!

I AM grateful that it is within her that my soul rises and stands in the fullness of the truth of Who and What I AM in truth.

I AM choosing to live my highest soul truth with pure, unconditional love and the Divinity of the Divine Source, living within me.

I AM choosing life and life more abundantly!

I have spoken!


Judith Kusel


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