Gallery: Stillpoint Recedes into … Uhhhh … Memory

July 17, 2021 by Steve Beckow

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Mountains are still mountains

Sorry, nothing more to report on Stillpoint. Except a peaceful day spent in self-awareness. Which I really needed.

The event of Stillpoint now exists only in a rather unreliable memory – and whatever made it to paper. (1)

Thank heavens I obeyed the Arcturians’ advice from long ago to write down one’s experiences immediately. Another voice keeps telling me, Oh, no, you’ll remember. And I never do.

I now see, from my experience of desirelessness on June 6-7, of which Stillpoint was the culmination, that, when I’m supposed to have more memory, I will; as Michael says:  “You will have enough of a memory, dear heart. Do not worry about it.” (2)

And now I also know how my memory is to be restored. Just as Michael and the Mother engineered the heart opening and the sight of the Self, so they will engineer whatever needs to happen to have my memory be restored – a spiritual experience, an upgrade, a med bed, whatever it takes.

I have less and less apprehension about the subject, having seen the difference temporarily made in an instant to all my capabilities by my entry into the detached or desireless state.  (3)


My takeaway? Stillpoint is not an experience; it’s the absence of experiencing; that is, the absence of vedanas.

A vedana is defined as ” the pleasant, unpleasant and neutral sensations that occur when our internal sense organs come into contact with external sense objects and the associated consciousness.” (4)

With the absence of any kind of “wave” or activity in the mind, the soul is said to have no window into the Third Dimension; hence St. John’s statement that this purgation is like a “dark night” to the soul. (5)

Stillpoint is therefore a launch pad for experiences, a prelude, a precondition.  We can be said at that point to have gotten ourselves out of the way. No competing agenda. Ready, willing, and able.


(1) Here we be: “Stillpoint: The Dark Night of the Soul,” July 11, 2021, at and “Settling into Being,” July 12, 2021, at

(2) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through lLnda Dillon, April 13, 2016.

(3) Since there may be others having memory problems, I’m going to write a separate article on the subject.

(4) Tibetan Buddhist Encyclopedia at

(5) See “Stillpoint is Not an Experience; It’s a Launch Pad,” July 15, 2021, at


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