Gallery: To Go First and Show Us the Water’s Warm

July 14, 2021 by Steve Beckow

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Water’s warm!

Archangel Michael: “We want you to expand.” (1)

Why does the Company of Heaven want lightworker pathfinders to expand?

My guess is it’s because they want to prepare us for interdimensional travel. As I’ll make clear here, the Company of Heaven would like us to flow between dimensions. They want pathfinders and wayshowers and explorers:

  • To show the new contours of life
  • To show that we can travel interdimensionally – now and after Ascension
  • To demonstrate that the nova normal is OK; the water’s warm
  • To bring what we see and learn back to our ascended or unascended everyday settings
  • To promote interdimensional travel, to grease the wheel, so to speak.

They’ve been tracking our progress in this area:

St. Germaine: All of you are interdimensional. And each of you in various ways – some continually, because you’re accepting it more and more – are having interdimensional experiences. (2)

Archangel Michael: You are traveling interdimensionally. … You are beginning to have more clearly the interdimensional experiences. (3)

We’re not talking about future travel. We’re talking about now.  And, no, there’s no physical component to this interdimensional travel unless a ship comes down and whisks you away. But that’s beyond the scope of my knowledge.

I’m talking about travelling in consciousness, whatever means you use to explore it (meditation, astral projecting, holotropic breathing, etc.).

(Do surround yourself in protection if you do go exploring.)

Remember the claims that it only needs a small percent of the population to shift for the rest to shift.  They want us to be that thin edge of the wedge.

Michael describes the process of entrainment he hopes will occur:

Archangel Michael: You are not looking for students or followers. What you are truly doing, yes, as pathfinders, you are showing the way, but you are also bringing along the collective in entrainment.

Now the sages did not think of this, of their journey as a process of entrainment, of bringing the entire collective along. You do. And when I say ‘you’ I mean the current thinking and body of understanding and knowing in the lightworker community. So the fundamental premises have changed. (4)

Of course Sri Ramakrishna didn’t have the Internet. We can conceptualize a global reach because we already have it. To wit, this video:Video Player

The ability to flow back and forth is a change in the fabric of creation and the CoH needs lightworker pathfinders to show the rest that it’s OK.

Archangel Michael: What you have now, is the knowingness that you are, for purposes of explanation, moving forward dimensionally, flowing back and forth, and that sense also of the flow throughout dimensions, that you can flow back and forth, that it was not restricted, that it wasn’t that you arrived at Heaven’s Gate and that was it.

This flow is new. Well, it is not new but it is new to human thinking. (5)

Michael tells us flat out that he wants lightworker pathfinders to demonstrate “that you can flow back and forth, that it was not restricted, that it wasn’t that you arrived at Heaven’s Gate and that was it.”  (6) Open horizons. Greater vistas. Come, explore.

I’ve quoted St. Germaine before on the matter but he’s relevant here too:

“You see all the rules have changed.  You have decided to maintain form. That doesn’t mean we’re going to have you punished by not allowing you access to the 7th.

“That is the old paradigm. ‘You can’t come here, unless you die.’ Well, that’s not true! That’s what enlightenment and Ascension is about. You can go as far [as you like?], you can go and feel and be the Love that is the 7th Christ consciousness. You can have it all and then you pull it into your physical form so that you are a walking, talking, working, creating Christ-conscious Being.” (7)

Let me end with the Lord Arcturus’ discussion of this aspect of a lightworker pathfinder’s mission:

“The perspective say of the ninth dimension is very different than the perspective of say the third, the fifth or the seventh dimension. …

“It is very important that humanity realize, as they are in their unfoldment to a grander plan, that the seventh dimension is not the end of the road, not the be all and end all.

“And so, some of the perspective, the experience, the knowing, the intelligence of different dimensionality is highly beneficial in helping them move into that higher-dimensional anchoring.” (8)

To put the matter in a nutshell, I think the Company of Heaven has invited us, in meditation or other spiritual means, to explore interdimensional travel to help the masses accept a higher dimension of existence; to go first, so to speak, and show the others the water is warm.


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