Gallery: Sandra Walter ~ Love is the Law

July 13, 2021 by Suzanne Maresca

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July 12 ,2021, Facebook post

Love is the law of the multiverse; the Law of One.

When we make the frequency of Love our primary output, we harmonize with the forces of infinite expansion and Prime Creator. This frequency creates an inseparable union with the Infinite.

When we cultivate this love with reverence, honor, respect, compassion, integrity, humility, devotion and proper use of life force, it becomes our consistent experience.

Frequency is defined as the language of vibration. We send out frequency which affects the electromagnetic fields around us, collective and personal. Frequency affects matter, emotions, mental, etheric and spiritual levels.

All frequency or energy that is sent out returns to its sender. An infinite loop of Creation. We send forth frequency, and it returns to us, amplified as an interpretation of what was sent forth.

We witness this feedback as the language of vibration. Everything which is sent forth comes back to its Creator. The purer our frequency output, the purer the feedback.

~ From the Level Up Mastery Class


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