Gallery: Tempering the Sword of the Soul

July 11, 2021 by Catherine Viel

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July 10, 2021At the forging of the Sword—The mountain roots were stirr’d…So fiercely struck the Forgers of the Sword.~Isabella Valancy Crawford, The Forging of the Sword

I’m sure many of us are breathlessly anticipating futuristic advancements like med beds that have been promised by channels as well as by many down-to-earth commentators. I was enthused by Simon Parkes’s recent interview with Doug Billings, where he discussed the healing centers that his organization will be operating throughout the world, including one in each state of the U.S.(1)

Apparently there will be med beds in those healing centers, as well as advanced healing technologies that can eliminate the need for most, if not all, Western medical practices. The current protocol of total joint replacement to alleviate degenerative pain, for example, will seem as barbaric as the bloodletting leeches and non-sterile operating environments that were considered cutting-edge medicine in centuries past.

As far as I know, we’re still waiting for med bed rollout; it hasn’t publicly happened yet. Assuming that there is a divine reason for everything, I wonder what possible purpose our state of seemingly perennial waiting could serve.

I wonder if the continual postponement of the receipt of everything we’ve been promised is in fact a finely calculated strategy on the part of the Higher Powers That Be. If it might actually be a nudge from those higher beings to start vigorously pursuing the greater good we desire regardless of what “the world” is doing and how we like, or don’t like, what that is. 

In short, to stop caring that we don’t have what we want, and act as if…please don’t faint…we may never get the unfettered abundance and complete healing of all ailments that exist in many people’s perception (mine included) of New Earth.

I’m not implying that it won’t happen. But how could we best be, and behave, right now if what we have, and the way things are, is how it’s going to be? 


While I sometimes tire of hearing “You’re the strongest of the strong and the bravest of the brave,” there must be a reason they keep telling us that. I wonder if it’s because they know we’re enduring the final, highest temperature pass of the swords of our souls through this fraught Earth existence we navigate with a blind, but necessary, trust. 

They say we chose to be here during these incredibly trying times. That may be so, but I still hope it is the last pass through this kind of fire any of us has to endure. 

Even the finest sword can be tempered one too many times, and begin to melt back into its composite materials, earth and metal and fire, its elemental parts incapable of anything but simply existing.

That may be where we’re headed anyway…but please, Higher Powers That Be, not quite yet.

Thanks to Suzi Maresca for inspiration!



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