Gallery: Judith Kusel: The New Epoch

July 8, 2021 by Sitara

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As we are now rapidly being elevated and reinvented and indeed recalibrated into the New Age of Aquarius, note that you cannot operate in the Age of Aquarius with the programming, the fears, the false belief systems, the false ego of the Age of Pisces.

If you try to go into the New Earth with the old garments, the Old Adam and Old Eve, and Old Lilith, and indeed the old fears, and baggage, unforgiveness, shame, blame and guilt, you will not even get there! You are way too weighed down and stuck.

If you do manage to get the new embodiment and the new gowns to wear and the new life, and you do get pulled back into the Old Earth, it is like cutting a huge hole in the new garments, and then trying to fix it by using stone age tools! Indeed the hole will get bigger and bigger and you will just be pulled right back into the old Earth and all it entails, as it is disintegrating at a rapid pace.

This is why it is so essential to truly do the inner work every single day and night. This means to constantly be conscious every single moment, and fully present within it.

The future you are being shaped in the here and now, and indeed with every single thought you think, every single word you speak (Both have immense manifesting powers) and every action you take or do not take!

Become AWARE.


What is it that you wish to create?

I have made it my conscious prayer every morning and indeed committed myself to the highest pathways only. This means I am seeking the highest Consciousness, the highest knowledge, the highest visions, and indeed the total experience of Omniscience, Omnipresence, Omnipotence, as I am constantly being initiated to embrace Divinity in its highest forms. For indeed, this is what the New Epoch is all about!

We will find that indeed in this months and indeed the months after this, we will indeed be challenged in all aspects where we still cling onto the old paradigms and indeed fears, programming and whatever is still there keeping us in the Old Earth.

Nowhere is this now playing out more, than in relationships: – the collective, as well as in society, in family and indeed within the most intimate ones.

The first relationship starts WITHIN YOURSELF with YOURSELF and your own Soul and indeed the Divine Source. Indeed your soul would not exist if it did not carry the Divine Spark within your soul fire!

More than this: what is it that you wish to create?

What is it that you would love to bring as a lasting loving legacy into the New Earth and indeed the New Age of Aquarius, which indeed creates unity, harmony, and more than this unconditional love?

If you do not know who you are, nor what you are at SOUL level, then you will not be able to navigate these times, for you will be pulled in all directions at once, and then your energy fields will get depleted and you will not be able to make the transition.

This is the time of highest mastery.

Indeed, once you start to truly walk the highest pathways, you find that indeed, it becomes a WAY OF LIFE AND LIVING, and indeed, it brings miracles, unconditional love and a deep inner joy! More than this a profound sense of exploration, of anticipation, as each day brings new gifts of what is being born and manifested into the New World and indeed your own new embodiment and what is busy unfolding within the New you and indeed the highest life you are now living with great love!

I am finding that every morning I am being given more, to marvel about, to explore, to expand into and indeed to love. And here love has nothing to do with another soul, but indeed the whole of the Divinity now unfolding in the total rebirth of the New Age, yet also at the same time, this is unfolding WITHIN me!

If there is still resistance within you, then ask yourself, why?

What is keeping you in the old?

Who is keeping you in the old?

Why are you still buying into the old?

Where are your blind spots?

Where are you still dodging and holding on, where you should be facing the truth and indeed letting go of all which no longer serves your highest soul good and growth and indeed transformation?

The truth is there within you!

Your soul always knows the truth!

It is time for total honesty and indeed then living the highest truth!

Judith Kusel


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