Gallery: 7/7 Master Portal

July 7, 2021 by Sitara

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by Celia Fenn

Today is the 7/7 Master Portal under the light of the Blue Sun Sirius.

It is a time for us to stand as Empowered Masters of Light and Energy as we approach the Planetary New Year and the Lions Gate.

The energies are intense and will keep on accelerating as we move towards the Full Moon in Aquarius/Leo on the 24th July and the New Year on the 26th July!.

I am finding that this is not a time for any great action or “doing”. It is a time for peaceful reflection as we wait for the “waves” of Plasma Light and Energy to bring us to the “Level Up” point of the Lions Gate.

So, even though many of you are feeling these intense waves, remember you are a Master of Energy and Light. This is why we are here and what we are working towards from day to day.

Be Peaceful and Calm.

Draw deeply on your Resilience and your Inner Strength and Power.

Connect with and express Love in all you say and do.

Remember, as always, you are not alone.

You are here present with the Angels, the Archangels and the Beings of Light such as the Royal Lions and the Golden Dolphin Angels.

Have a Glorious 7/7 Transit Beloved Community of Light!


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