Gallery: Of the People, By the People, For the People: Moving from Divided to Decided

July 4, 2021 by Steve Beckow

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Happy Fourth of July, America!

In 2013, I wrote that we were moving from being divided to being decided – and at no time has that ever seemed more accurate than today. (1)

In my view, the million-strong march(es) in London typifies this. I’m sure the people in the crowd differed on many questions but on wanting freedom for the world, they were united. They went from divided to decided.

They could also be said to have made a transition from “I” to “we” – from isolation and ineffectiveness to unity and collaboration.

The Sardine Movement in Italy that brought so many people together like sardines, unmasked, in protest of political corruption is another example. They went from divided to decided, from “I” to “we.”

Once trust is re-established, at that moment we the people are irresistible. I say that for two reasons.

First, the energies are rising and affecting them as much as us. The honest among them will be feeling the awakening of love.

We’re their kin. They never signed up to shoot us.

The dishonest will be embroiled in the very unpleasant feelings that arise in the clearing process. This will affect their judgment, patience, and perseverance.

They can count. They know when they’re facing a tsunami of love.  Their only concern is survival and, in their world, that goes to the fittest (translation: biggest). They’ll face strong pressures to turn tail and run.

Second, we’re banding together for principles so basic to a quiet and enjoyable life – peace and freedom – that no one can fail to respond to them at some level and feel dissonance if they ignore them.

As long as we remember that we have strength in love, peace, and numbers, not in weapons or force, I think our demonstrations will be effective.


This planet has been embroiled in conflict for millennia, most of it because of residual hatred and related issues.

In my view, we can’t keep creating the wars of the future out of our self-righteousness and vengefulness today. For wars to stop, we have to stop hating and start loving.

At some point the creation of residue has to cease. Only peace leaves no residue.

At some point the bill in totality must be forgiven. Some generation has to put an end to the strife. We’re saying to the nations of the world: Stop the feuding.

We need to switch to win/win processes of negotiation. The threat of force has to be absent from our deliberations.

Only in peace – local, national, and global – can growth and prosperity for all take root. And that growth and prosperity is waiting in the wings.

Only in peace can the restoration of trust occur and this planet return to a very new normal – in which all of its governments are of the people, by the people, for the people.


(1) “Moving from Being Divided to Being Decided,”  August 27, 2013, at

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