Gallery: This Feels Great!

July 4, 2021 by Steve Beckow

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Uhhh, not quite! Not yet!

Earlier a psychic friend had told me how far along I was in terms of the coming online of the light body. I thought, well, that’s interesting.

Last night I read something on the desirability of asking for what we want. Things are manifesting more easily now.

So I invoked the universal law and asked the Divine Mother for an expansion of consciousness and the firing up of my light body. (Remember her talk when she said we could ask her to turn up the gas?)

This morning I had the thought, supposing my light body were already online. Might it be the case and I’m not aware of it and so not using it?

I began to test various parts of my body. I was shocked. My calf and arm muscles are as hard as rock. I’m solid on my feet as if I weighed a lot more than I do. I feel incredibly rooted to the ground. I even feel taller.

I began throwing a few punches in the air and was surprised at the force and control in them. It was like I was taking karate again at 28.  I didn’t push my luck by trying a few kicks.

When I went for a walk, I couldn’t believe my stamina. I felt years younger.

When I breathe, I breathe in love.  I have a sense that all this is leading somewhere but I have no idea where. I keep breathing. Now each breath rewards me.

No, it didn’t come with a user’s manual. Do I actually know what’s happening? No, I don’t. Do I care a whole heck of a lot? Not as long as it continues.

This feels great!


Michael often talks about “spiritual currency.” Surely this love I feel now is one form of that currency – peace, joy, bliss would be others.

There is no feeling of richness comparable to feeling rich in love. And of course anyone can be. There can be no run on this bank. Its flow is endless. Open to all, 24/7/365.

No hoarding allowed here.  This treasure must be shared for it to renew itself.


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