Gallery: A Few Esoteric Questions…

June 30, 2021 by Suzanne Maresca

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Actually, there’s a bunch of them, and they’re also rhetorical in nature.  We all have them.  And I just know that these questions have the potential for people to write in with what they ‘know’…but how much of this can we actually know?

It’s not like there’s an irrefutable Heavenly Times published in which we’d be able to access clear and agenda-free truth.  Post your ideas with a source link to God?  Cool idea, though.

I’m clearly not discounting channeled messages, but we do need to keep in mind that every avenue of disinformation is and has been paved for us by team dark and the white hats, both.  We’re being tasked with sharpening our own discernment and deepening our connection to Source so that we can feel into the truth of anything ourselves, without having to rely on someone else’s truth or being misguided by someone else’s misinformation.

As I write, what occurs to me is that such intel lies within the Akash…and there are people who’ve studied to be able to read those records.  I can’t help but think, though, that there are some halls within those etheric records that are off limits to most, if not all, seekers.

The one certainty that makes most sense to me is that there is One Source from which All Creation emerges.  That means that the spark of the Divine exists in all things…or does it?  What happens when a free-will zone becomes a petri dish for miscreation?

At what point does the Source, Prime Creator, God…at what point, if ever, does God step in to keep disaster from happening?  What level of decimation would it have to be for that level of Divine intervention to take place?  Haven’t we heard of entire worlds not unlike this one that have been entirely decimated as a result of the actions of their citizens?  That’s a pretty hands-off policy on Creator’s part.  What could we hope for here?

And how would we even understand what’s been taking place in the higher dimensions that’s affected us here?  For all we know, Humanity has had their collective fannies (forgive me, Brits…it means something else here) pulled out of any number of fires that we have literally zero awareness of.

It seems another certainty that we not only have the help of the Extra-Terrestrial company around Earth, but we’re experiencing a growing awareness of the connections between us as well. There may not be as much separating us as we might think, and in fact, we truly are family.

In this world of duality, there have also been ETs whose interest in Earth has been purely service-to-self, and they’ve worked hand in hand with various governments on projects that clearly haven’t benefited mankind.  Underground tunnels all over the planet have been targeted for evacuation and destruction.  How far along are those projects?

And what would the purpose be in allowing the kinds of depravity and heinous practices that have taken place across Human history?  The insults to Humanity have been myriad and continuing.  How much of it has been Human on Human?  I’d like to see a pie chart of the statistics on how many in Human form are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Hybrid Human/negative ET (Reptilians and others)
  • Possessed by demons
  • True Homo Sapiens
  • Starseeds (of Galactic origin in forgetful Human form)

And here’s a big question ~ How much of the current state of Humanity and the Earth is truly the responsibility of Humans?  I’ve heard different stories about that.  Who altered our DNA?  Why was that allowed?  Could it be so that we could claw our way back up the ladder of evolution, thereby fulfilling our Divine destiny?  Creator desires to gather experience through the variety of different life forms, yes?  Was this planet intended to be a paradise or a schoolhouse?

Or maybe the challenge of the schoolhouse was meant to be followed by the paradise phase of the Earth experiment.  Humans have been ridiculously easy to fool throughout history.  Or maybe it appears to be so because of the cleverness of the ones who want this planet for themselves.  They’ve studied Human nature and psychology, and our compassion, sexuality and psychic abilities have been used against us to great effect.

And what’s up with the existence of parasites and created diseases?

How is it that a loving God would allow all of this manipulation and destruction?  For the gathering of experience?  For our own expansion to bring us ever closer to being trustworthy and responsible creators ourselves?  A sword is stronger and more valuable after it passes through a tempering fire…

The gift of free will has been a double-edged sword for us.  It’s allowed us to experience what it’s like to make a mistake, and to grow and learn from that.  Did we really agree to come here to Earth to develop our chops for responsible creation?  To be able to earn our Galactic citizenship, using our wisdom and experience to help other civilizations through something like what we’ve been through?  I can only imagine that the agreement to forget our connection to Source was made from a place a such confidence that it bordered on arrogance.

My personal choice, no matter what my next assignment is…I do not agree to forget ever again.

Did we not understand the level of difficulty involved in coming here?  Or was it more of a case of knowing that whatever took place in the carrying out of the Earth assignment, we would, as sovereign souls, remain intact and fully aware of ourselves as Divinely connected and protected?

Maybe that’s the whole point ~ that on this Earthwalk, we earn our higher degrees and certifications, even though this isn’t our first rodeo.  Perhaps the gift here is simply to witness firsthand and participate in a truly epic unfolding and a masterful victory of the Light.

Make it so!


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