Gallery: Day to Day 13

Recovery Day. Full Moon June 16, 2019

i was up early pre-dawn to do a Meditation, which I have been doing most days. I asked if the rain we were experiencing had anything to do with yesterday’s clearing of the energy line and got yes, it’s cleared through and I’m working with a new level of energy.  Feeling it’s getting harder not easier . I again I asked for help with this. I asked if it’s rained at Tooloom Falls and got yes, but I don’t think it’s cleared yet.

The Internet was Down all day and I had trouble loading files all day from the new Oppo phone to the iPad which I do via iCloud. Luckily I had posted before 9 am without the photos, which I’ve  now successfully added.

In the meantime, I got a call from Deidre, who I went to Egypt with, saying she like the rainforest picture I was still trying to load to iPad. At this point I gave up and went back to bed, hoping it would be Ok tomorrow which it is. Went to bed with a headache and 2 Panadol.

I can see until this energy is Integrated I really need to take it easy. I posted this on Facebook which is relevant herefrom Ginny Jones:

‘Anyone forgetting things really quickly, feeling like you are loosing your memory, loosing it or thinking you’ve got something wrong with your brain or getting the start of dimensions there is a reason so DON’T PANIC
The cellular structure of your brain is changing you have new neural pathways opening and others closing
Your higher consciousness of true knowing is unfolding making connections which will unfold to your inner knowing being at the forefront
Your connection to your higher self, source and the universal mind is being fully opened or awakened this could also be connected to all the head pressure many have and are feeling and have done for a few months or years, we are all on this journey together, it is all unfolding at the perfect time ❤️😇🌎🙏🏼
Much Love Ginny

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