Gallery: Day to Day 11

In the morning I had a mysterious large spot on my palm, like a liver spot.  It was like a silver nitrate stain  from photographic chemicals. I had also a smaller one yesterday. It does not correspond to any of the reflexology points that correspond to any part of the body on the chart I have. It’s gone now.

I had an appointment at Robina Hospital and after wanting to cancel it last week, it was rescheduled to today. I was getting that I should attend to document what is happening with my diabetes. Around 11am I was back on heat pack with a sore back, it seems that time is when energy is highest. I was still meant to go.

When I got there, I told the doctor that when the sheaf of appointments arrived, I was ready to throw them in the bin. I said I’ve moved into 5th Dimensional frequency and my sugars were going down and so was my insulin requirements and I was now going to be able to get off medication. I said I need to document it. Since  the results he were had from before the change, he send me off to get a blood test and asked whether I wanted another appointment and I said yes in 6 months.

I can thank my mother for the courage to do this as she overcame breast cancer by not having chemotherapy because of her age (>85) and hence with other medical treatment and my help with reiki, she was able to do so and lived until she was 95.

I reflected on building on what our ancestors did, and felt the impact of My Heritage report. There is diabetes in my family, my two brothers and my father and I had it. I don’t want  my grandchildren saddled with it, Medicine has no cure for it now, so I’m very motivated to change this.

Its very misty this morning, low cloud cover up here on Tamborine. So I’ve taken on the medical establishment. I’m trusting I’m going to get help with this from the Higher dimensions.

As an example of getting help, I received an email from a relative with a link for Google Home, which I downloaded, not sure how I was going to use it. My daughter showed me how to get it to play any tune on the speaker by voice control and get it to turn on a Smart Plug to start the air conditioning or any other device, so I’m getting one. I’m so grateful to have a family that’s into technology, I’m a dinosaur in that department, or so they think! Even my three year old grandaughter can tell it to play the Wiggles ‘Rock a bear’.

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