Gallery: Day to Day 10

This was a heart healing day. Since I have had a heart attack in 2000 and a pacemaker since then, I had to take a pain in the heart acupuncture point seriously. At one point I thought it might affect my ability to ascend. I lay on my back with the heat pad on the shoulder blade, most of the day.

At one point I got to get up and I showered and dressed and make my celery juice and went outside to sit in the sun. There were some workmen digging and I went and asked them what they were doing in a friendly way and they said we’re putting in a sign. I asked if they’d move it a metre to one side, as I drove in to the carport there in the van, and pointed to the van which happened to be there and they agreed, filled in the hole and moved it. Somewhat to my amazement! it was very synchronous.

Later I got a call and was told a friend had dreamt about her mother, who has passed over and felt to check an old phone number and was able to retrieve her mother’s photos from her old phone. Her stepfather had refused to give them to her. I recalled the message: Pay attention to your dreams from last week. They had the photos of the last year of her mother’s life 600 photos of the grandchildren, precious memories that she had lost and were very important to her and the family and others including me.

I had felt her presence when we were looking at the granddaughter she had never seen and the little girl was looking over my shoulder at something and smiling. I’m told she visits the other granddaughter and she talks to her!  How beautiful!

This morning, I’m feeling much better.

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