Gallery: Day to Day 5

I seem to have been doing mostly inner work. I’ve made a connection with Valerie Barrow, Andromeda Val who is working on similar things to me. yesterday I was seeing a UFO in my Third Eye every time I closed my eyes I wake in the middle of the night and get up to meditate. I seem to be very hot, like I’m channelling a lot of energy and my legs are red and itchy. I went outside  and sat on the verandah listening to the rain falling for a while and grounding with  pranic breathing.

The Art I’ve been creating is part of the Mandelbrot set, the crop circle was one of the triggers which woke me up, so I’m playing around with fractals, I think it’s called the Beauty Way.

I seem completely unmotivated to do anything in the physical. Just take it ‘one step at a time’ is the guidance. I got a confirmation on Goolaga as a frequency I carry yesterday. I want to explore that further.

Meanwhile my sugar levels are dropping which is good news. Still on the celery juice  and  still coughing. Persistence!

I did a Remembering Love and Light Language Reading in the middle of the night and three cards came out.

From stars to stars I greet you dear family. I, Lyra, a feline being from Lyra constellation I am your sister, a keeper of records a traveler of stars I am your guide. You are alike. You travel through space and time.

From eons to eons, you have existed. I welcome you to where we have shared our experience. Lyra, a realm that now vibrates on different frequency to earth. Lyra a place where we exist in forms of waves of energy Patterns, colours and codes. In Lyra, there is a tall tower, white and glowing in light. In this tower, there’s gathering of our alliances, our families of different star beings. We keep our records in great crystals. Tune in dear one. In your meditation call upon me, Lyra. To bring you here for you to remember your potentials, soul journey and purposes. And for you to remember your Galactic oneness with us. Arrai yuna ra Teera nayae Eenai ya eenai yo Eenai yay rey Lyra is a beloved feline sister who is here to offer you her guidance. She guides you to the stars, space and time. Into her realm where all beings vibrate in patterns of colours and codes. This is you. You are one with her. In your meditation, project your mind to her and let her guide you. Returning to a place you once were and still are. Here you absorb galactic codes from the star Lyra which activates memories and codes within your DNA. This reunite you with your star heritage.

Lyra keeps records of the universe and its wisdom in forms on energetic codes. In divine moment, you can enter you galactic records of what serve your highest purpose. During your connection with Lyra, notice how you also have deep connection with other galactic race and star systems. Lyran felines are much like ambassadors who travel across the universe to form alliance, sharing and spreading wisdom. Find yourself in the tall tower of Lyra, explore there by following your imagination. There you will find familiar faces and rooms. There reside rooms for healing, meditation, astral traveling, crystal encoding and decoding. Messages: Congratulations! You have discovered your connection with Lyran feline family. Lyra will bring forth lots of guidance as well as assist you in remembering your galactic connection. Holding strong connection with the Lyran, you have that intuition to tap into secrets and knowledge of the universe and its beings. Use this ability wisely. Observe subtle messages and synchronicities that fall on your paths. Take notes, make records. Lyra has been communicating with you in your dreams, inspirations, and mediations. This is a confirmation that you inherit galactic feline codes within your DNA. Call upon her in your meditation or sleep. Lyra also holds connection with other feline beings. She is here to transmit love of galactic oneness. She loves you as you are her family. Welcome your feminine side into your journey. It is time to embrace gentleness and softness as strength. Tune into the diamond light on her third eye. This is where you strengthen your connection with her and your galactic families. Welcome crystals into your meditations, channeling and healing sessions. They are your friends and have so much to offer you. Tab into codes which they transmit.

Your galactic connection does not relate to Lyra alone, but many other stars out there. Like ambassadors, you have travelled and formed alliances with many others. Observe now how the ability of forming alliance and working as a team serves you in this moment of time. Star Connection: Lyra, Lyra Council of Light Key Words: Galactic connection with Lyran felines, keeper of records, realm traveler, galactic oneness, alliance, opening of third eye, communicating through third eye, crystal records encoder and decoder.

I, Isis is here to give you a gift of Life and Light. At times, you may find yourself in mist of void Emptiness and darkness. Do not be alarmed Know that within the void and emptiness gives opportunity to birth new seeds new ideas new chapter new life. You dear one, hold so much power within that sometimes waves of resistance build up just because your mind is so active and trying to control. Sing, dear one. connect with the power of your voice feel the vibrations from your vocal cord and let your sing carries you. Chant, speak and sound out your tunes and words from you heart. as sounds create and shift frequencies. I, Isis, give you a gift of life with this Anhk and eye that see the truths. Manifest your dreams and give birth of light to the world. I offer you my wings for you to rise above chaos. I offer you the key to your voice sounds that heal and unite your being with Atum. I shine through you the light of Ra which reunites your gifts of many lifetimes and healing forces within you.

Isis, speaks deeply to many. She is a reflection of a divine feminine who brought Osiris back to life with her words and songs, then together gave birth to their son, Horus. Through this particular image, she brings forth her wings and the light of Ra, reminding us of the great flow of creations. She is hear to remind you of the power of your voice. Your voice is a gift which is unique and unlike any other. When you speak from the heart, your vocal cord and voice transmit powerful frequencies. You shift frequencies within your being. You heal and create. With her wings, Isis envelopes us with love. The same love which we have within us. She also is a great reminder of how powerful we are. In the mist of chaos, knowing our strength and that we can always make it through challenges. Here Isis brings forth the golden light of Ra; life giving force. Back in Ancient time, the sun brought healing power to humanity. Many sacred temples were built in dedicating to the power of the sun. There were healers, priests and priestess who channeled the sun energy in order to heal others. The sun which gives warmth and illuminates lives on this planet. It is time for you to recall such divine connection with the sun. She also is reminding you to give away your worries, fears, and attachments to the universe. As well as give out love and life to yourself and others. Messages: Focus on your strength. Let go of petty concerns and flow with the universe. Sing, chant, speak and sounds out your voice from the heart with your higest intention. Your vocal cord vibrates and your voice shifts and creates new reality. Time to create. Welcome and allow death to arrive to an old chapter so that you can give birth to something new. Upon act of creating, inject highest intentions with nurturing, imagination and light of love into your creations. With a balanced power of masculine and feminine. Magic is born. Higher knowledge is anchored. BE and let go of the need to hold on. Offer compassion and forgiveness to which weighs you down then move on Notice any tension on your body. Relax and nurture yourself. Welcome in the frequency of the sun. See how this can assist you in creating more flow in your space. Bring an Ankh into your routine of cleansing and purifying energy. Whenever you need to bring more balance into your space, vision a golden ankh in front of you and let it spins. Tune into this image by holding it on your chest, call upon Isis and the divine energy of the sun. The sun offers you vibrant healing power of golden light. Feel the golden light bathes your being and transmits into your vessels.

Key Words: Isis and Ra, giving life and light, healing power of the voice and vocal cord, let go, rise to higher perceptions, sun energy, love and compassion, be in the flow of universe.

Frequencies of Crystal Code

We, the crystals, have long been on earth from eons to eons. From Lemuria, Atlantis to many ancient civilisations. The healing powers of crystals have always been greatly respect and honoured. Through the dark eras of densities when many crystals have been used in rituals for benefits of the corrupted minds. Rebuilding loving relationships between humans and crystals is one of our duties. So dear one, connect with us through love. Allow your crystals to be in their authentic frequencies, by cleansing and charging them frequently. Let them be by your side as well as exposed to mother earth’s elements. Each crystals have been encoded with records and healing frequencies in forms of vibrations which serves earth and humanity. And you, my dear brother and sister can tap into that frequencies through my image of Nirvana quartz.

This is a type of crystal which has just been recently unearth from the ice caves of the Himalayas. Within pure vibrations, we can assist you in downloading codes and records within your systems. Hold any crystals which call upon you whether it be Clear quartz, Amethyst, Moldavite, Larimar, Crystal Skull, Or a record Keeper. You can even form a Crystal grid. Welcome this image of my crystal into your presence, relax your mind and body, trust in your intuition and guidance of the crystals kingdom. Listen and let them speak to you. Aree mar ra Ee nai Ee na ya yee tora tae Tuu raya Tuu rayee Nee nai na no jawa tii tae no yee Tu ar ree no ya ra may tee nee yae Koo ra moo tai ta yee In dark period, people used crystal for black magic and manipulations. Now is the time to reset their energy. This image offers you the pure frequency of a record keeper crystal from the Himalayas, Nirvana Quartz. This crystal has long been in its isolation for many years. Some said that it was recently discovered in 2006. It holds such light vibrations which upon meditation, you are attuned to higher frequencies and taken upon your soul paths both on earth and elsewhere. At times, you may find that this image takes you into the quiet space within and connections your inner light.


Crystal kingdom is calling out for you. You have very deep connection with them. Connect deeper! Keeper of crystal’s wisdom. You have been working with crystals throughout many life times. See the connection in each memory and information you are receiving. This can build up to unlock your hidden gifts. Crystals are like us, they need love for their authenticity. You are their keeper, reach out and give them love. Welcoming in crystals more into your routines and activities. Nirvana Quartz’s frequencies is calling upon you. You can tune into this image and feel its vibrations. Being in the state of inner silence and light. Key Words: Nirvana Quartz, crystal healing and communication, crystal’s companionship, attuning to crystal frequencies, keeper of records within crystals.

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