Gallery: Day to day 3

Day to day3

I was encouraged to hear in this latest video from the Pleiadians that they are monitoring our progress.i have been somewhat breathless when the waves hit, like my pacemaker might not be coping with the new energies. It’s heartening to know I ‘m being monitored. The pranic breathing exercises seems to help, but I can’t do anything in the physical.  I’m still coughing a lot and that isn’t helping. Big doses of Vitamin C daily seems to help, as is the celery detox daily.

Finally  it’s dawning on me the beauty and grandeur of this project we’ve all been working on. We’ve become so used to the struggle, we haven’t been able to see the ‘wood for the trees’ – It’s truely mind blowing. Even reading The Keys of Enoch’ didn’t prepare me for this. That’s about the Higher Soiritual Sciences, by the way.  It’s exciting to see what lies ahead. The information is pouring through fast now, I can hardly keep up. The video below tells us the Illuminati are being rounded up in the next month. Watch this space. Thank you Pleaidians!

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