Gallery: Hospitals” or Homes of Rest on the Other Side

June 16, 2021 by Steve Beckow

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“This great ray was the downpouring of life – a healing ray”

Losha posted a channeling from children aboard the Evergiven who did not survive. (1)

I wanted to add a note on the healing available to them and all others who transition. I’m simply going to lift a section of New Maps of Heaven and import it here.

“Hospitals” or Homes of Rest,” at

Monsignor Robert Hugh Benson: In the great halls of rest there are expert nurses and spirit doctors ready to treat those whose last earthly illness has been long and painful or whose passing into spirit has been sudden or violent. (2)

Benson: In the halls of rest, … the doctors and nurses are always in attendance whatever else may be taking place in other parts of the sphere. Their devotion to duty is always instantly rewarded, for during the general celebrations of the realm the illustrious visitors from the upper realms make a special journey to the rest homes where they personally greet every one of the staff. The latter can afterwards arrange amicably for their own family and friendly festivities. (3)

Benson: [We saw in the distance what turned out to be] a home of rest for those who had come into spirit after long illness, or who had had a violent passing and who were, in consequence, suffering from shock. … As we drew near I could see that the [stately] building was in no sense a ‘hospital’ in outward semblance, whatever its functions might be. It was built in the classical style, two or three stories high and it was entirely open upon all sides. That is to say, it contained no windows as we know them on earth.

Benson: It was white in color as far as the materials of its composition were concerned, but immediately above it there was to be seen a great shaft of blue light descending upon and enveloping, the whole building with its radiance, the effect of which was to give a striking blue tinge to the whole edifice. This great ray was the downpouring of life – a healing ray – sent to those who had already passed here, but who were not yet awake. When they were filly restored to spiritual health, there would be a splendid awakening and they would be introduced to their new land. (4)

Private Thomas Dowding: My brother helped me into one of these Rest Halls. Confusion at once dropped away from me. Never shall I forget my happiness. I sat in the alcove of a splendid domed hall. The splashing of a fountain reached my tired being and soothed me. The fountain ‘played’ music, colour, harmony, bliss. All discordancies vanished and I was at peace. My brother sat near me. He could not stay long but promised to return. (5)

Frances Banks: I suppose you could call this a hospital, a home of rest upon the Way and a ‘kinder-garten’ teaching-centre. All these terms would be correct. The weary souls, the frightened souls, the ignorant and ‘fallen’ souls, together with those who have been ‘rescued’ from the ‘Land of Shadows’ require understanding and explanation of their sore states, and there are some to whom Survival has to be explained, even demonstrated. Many will not accept the fact of death or prefer to consider that they still dream. You see how wide is our work and how, by teaching, we ourselves learn. By demonstrations of the results of other lives, I myself have learned much and I am still learning. (6)

Banks: Sister Ursuline … will be going on to work at another ‘Receiving Sta/tion,’ for ours, I understand, is only one of many such Homes for Healing. (7)

“I suppose this is … a sort of Heaven.”

“It’s the beginning of Heaven, Jeannie.”

“You mean we’re only starting? … We’re not there yet?”

“Not in the Heaven you mean, Jeannie. But we’re on our way there.” (8)

Benson: Long illness has a tiring effect upon the spirit body – it would be more accurate to say an inhibiting effect upon the spirit body – and when, at last, the physical body is cast off, the spirit body usually goes to one of the numerous halls of rest with which the spirit world is plentifully supplied. There the new resident will pass into a state of pleasant sleep, ultimately to awake fully refreshed and reinvigorated. (9)

Benson: Occupying the whole of the floor space were extremely comfortable-looking couches, each of which bore a recumbent form, quite still and obviously sleeping profoundly. Moving quietly about were a number of men and women intent upon watching the different couches and their burdens.

I noticed as soon as we entered the hall that we came under the influence of the blue ray and its effect was one of pronounced energizing as well as tranquility. Another noticeable quality was the entire absence of any idea of an institution with its inevitable officialdom. … Those in attendance on the sleepers did so, not in the attitude of a certain task to be done willy-nilly, but as though they were performing a labor of love in the sheer joy of doing it. Such, indeed, was precisely the case. The glad awakening of these sleeping souls was an ever recurrent joy to them, no less than to the people who had come to witness it. …

Long illness prior to passing into the spirit world has a debilitating effect upon the mind, which in turn has its influence upon the spirit body. The latter is not serious, but the mind requires absolute rest of varying duration. Each case is treated individually and eventually responds perfectly to its treatment. During this sleep-state the mind is completely resting. There are no unpleasant dreams or fevers of delirium.

While gazing upon this perfect manifestation of Divine Providence, the thought came to me of those absurd earthly notions of ‘eternal rest,’ ‘everlasting sleep,’ and the many other equally foolish earthly conceptions, and I wondered if, by some chance or other, this sleep I was now beholding had been distorted by earthly minds into a state of eternal slumber, whither all souls pass at dissolution, there to await, in countless years’ time, the awful ‘last day’ – the dread ‘Day of Judgment.” Here was the visible refutation of such a senseless belief. (10)


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(8) Frances Banks explaining the hospital to twelve-year-old, newly-arrived Jeannie, ibid., 92. The heaven that Jeannie means is probably the next stop, the Mental Plane – which we call the Fifth Dimension. Jannie and Frances are on the Astral Plane or Fourth Dimension.

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