Gallery: Canadian Parliamentary Summit on Covid-19 Today

June 17, 2021 by Steve Beckow

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Go, Derek!

Canadian Independent Member of Parliament Derek Sloan conducts a Parliamentary Summit on the truth about Covid-19.

Derek Sloan gives some of the evidence his office is receiving on the harmful side effects of the vaccine and the pressure on Canadians to have the vaccine. He features three doctors (Dr. Byrom Bridle, Dr. Don Welsh, and Dr. Patrick Phillipps) also giving evidence. MP Sloan tells it like it is.

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Dr. Byram Bridle: Being able to speak openly and freely about my experiences is an unusual experience.

Immunologist Dr. Bridle describes the life-changing attack upon himself that followed a radio interview he gave in which he expressed concern about a possible link between the Covid vaccine and heart inflammation in young males. A coordinated attempt to misrepresent and discredit him followed within 24 hours.

mRNA gets distributed throughout the body, including in the brain. Dr. Bridle walks through how the polyethylene glycol in the vaccine helps these particles get through our protective barriers and to organs like the brain. Thus our immune response is short-circuited.

Dr. Bridle’s alliance is the Canadian Covid Care Alliance, which has resource literature:

Family physician Dr. Patrick Phillipps discusses the recovery success rate with Ivermectin and the preventative value of Vitamin D. He is being investigated by the college of physicians and surgeons for speaking out.

He will not stand in front of his patients and deny them tested and successful Covid treatments.

Dr. Don Welsh calls on Canadians to use critical thinking, to call into question all aspects of the Covid-19 response, and to demand a royal commission into a flawed medical public response.

If I can express an opinion, I think that what we need more are more legal suits a la Rocco Galati against those preventing freedom of speech and pushing fake science, under the Nuremberg 2 code. Is this not exactly the situation the Nuremberg 2 code was designed to prevent?

Hit graphic to watch video

Hit graphic to watch video

Rocco Galati on Supreme Court challenge


MP Sloan posted an earlier letter discussing what his aims are:

Sloan Political Action Coalition · Canada
PO Box 57035 RPO Brittany Glen
Mississauga ON L5M 0M5

You can also keep up with Derek Sloan, MP on Twitter and Facebook.

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Truth, as the old saying goes, is the first casualty of war. 

That has certainly proven true in our age of COVID-19 as the narrative of the “official truth”, pushed by those who have seized upon this medical crisis to increase their power, has been at odds with the actual truth.

Public Health agencies – federal, provincial, and municipal – have insisted they are “following the science” in a program of brutal and destructive restrictions that trample our freedoms and destroy lives and livelihoods across Canada. 

They have turned a blind eye to actual scientific studies that contradict the fear and repression narrative, they have smeared and marginalized any doctors and scientists who questioned them, and they malign citizens who exercise critical thinking and skepticism of governmental overreach with names like “anti-vaxxers” and “anti-maskers”.

Those in power are deflecting attention from long-term care home malpractice, suppression of effective antiviral treatments, lockdown death and destruction, and the injection of children and adults with a minimally tested gene therapy in response to this virus, by hiding the truth and threatening to ruin the lives of any who dare to speak it. 

As my friend and fellow freedom fighter Ontario MPP Randy Hillier likes to say, “We are living a lie.”

I’ve had enough of this lie, and I’m doing something about it, because as an independent Member of Parliament, I can!

On Thursday, June 17, I will be hosting a Parliamentary Summit in Ottawa, featuring a panel of brave Canadian medical professionals and members of the scientific community who have dared to tell the truth about COVID-19, and suffered intense personal and professional punishment for doing so. 

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One of my guests will be Dr. Byram Bridle, Associate Professor of Viral Immunology at the University of Guelph, who just last month went public with the results of new peer-reviewed studies that suggest there may be terrifying reasons that side effects such as heart inflammation, Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia, and other serious health issues have been experienced by some who have received the COVID-19 vaccines.

Ever since, Dr. Bridle has been targeted for harassment and abuse, all because he dared to follow the actual science, and to speak the truth. 

It’s time that the truth came out. That’s what will happen at Thursday’s Parliamentary Summit. And because it is a Parliamentary Summit, CPAC must broadcast it, but let’s see if the Parliamentary press gallery will cover it. 

Over the past 15 months, Canada’s mainstream media has shamed itself by acting largely as a mere public relations arm for governments of all levels who have indulged their authoritarian instincts and ignored Canadian freedoms.

The truth can’t be kept down forever. On Thursday, it’s coming out. 

Stay tuned for my email with details on Thursday morning, and spread the word around.

It’s been disheartening to see things happen in Canada under COVID that we never thought could happen here.

We are in a war, but I’ve always known we are going to win, because we have the most powerful weapon of all on our side.

It’s time for facts over fear, for informed consent over mandates, for freedom over tyranny, and for Canada over all!

We have the truth. And the truth shall set us free.

God Bless You and God Bless Canada!


Derek Sloan's signature

Derek Sloan

Member of Parliament

P.S. Donating to the Sloan Political Action Coalition means you’re helping me expose the truth and fight for freedom, and you’re standing up with me for the truly Canadian values we all cherish.

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