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I thought I’d write about what’s been going on for me in the last few weeks. Firstly, I’ve been sick, but unlike any other sickness.

I have been very tired but sleeping well or better than I usually do, by body having readjusted to the new energies. I can’t seem to bear the sight, smell or anything to do with food. Nothing seems to taste right, it’s bland, tasteless and unappealing.

I’m hearing through a fog, like I’m in another dimension, like I’m switched off. I heard some games music on ABC radio, unlike anything I’ve ever heard before, beautiful new music, uplifting, enticing, soul music.

I’m seeing beautiful colours, new shades and tones that I want to surround myself with. I’m smelling fragrances that uplift and transform me, taking me into bliss. Something new is here.

I’m the same, yet I’m different, it’s more joyful, fulfilling, exciting. I feel enthusiastic, ready to begin something, create something beautiful. Is this what it means to be 5th dimensional?The Transition 2012-2013

This evening of your time we are to speak to you about the transition, the transformation not only of human consciousness but of the entire planet. It is variously called transition, transformation, enlightenment, super-consciousness and yes, even ascension – whatever that means.

Now, many beloved ones are on this path termed spiritual expansion of knowing, of coming into knowing of truth. The search for that which is sometimes termed enlightenment can be quite a desperate struggle. For many, that which is the fervent yearning and desire for this transition is a desperate desire to escape this reality of the discordance, the violence, the humdrum, the pain, the anguish and the fear.

Well, you know, the truth is that the desire to escape does not bring transformation. You may say that this transformation, this transition, from third density reality in your terms to what you may term the fourth and fifth density is the result not only of loving every facet of you absolutely, but also of looking at that which is your world. It is to look at this reality and to be able to observe what is occurring without the negative judgment. It is to be in loving allowance and compassion and to be in the joy of your day-to-days without the need for anything else. Does that make sense to you? To be, without the need for more.

You see, as you are in that place of joy, of deliciousment, as you are in that place of blessing, gifts are put forth for you of your own creation. Indeed you automatically put yourself in a frequency termed open to expansion, open to transition and transformation. This is a grand dichotomy.

Now, you may say that this reality called third density is a world of polarity. Good-bad, black-white, love-fear, and all of the other polarities. Sometimes you judge one part of the polarity to be negative. That indeed is a subjective judgment because, of course, the polarities exist in every level and without them you do not have what you perceive to be this reality. We are speaking in terms of physics here.

So in terms of that which you judge to be negative — good-bad, love-fear, light-dark, black-white — whatever it is, it is for you to learn to see what the reality is of that which is judged to be negative. It is to be in the embracement, to be in the loving allowance. It is to allow the transcendence of the polarity. It is to see that love, compassion, embracement, and allowance create a synergistic affect where the result of transcending the polarities becomes more than the polarities themselves. Does this make sense? All right.

So it is not to look at that which is judged to be negative as something to be pushed away, something to be overcome or overpowered. Rather, it is to look at the why of the negative judgment and how that which is perceived to be negative is created out of fear. And through that love and compassion and allowance you automatically create the more.

Now this loving allowance, of course, must start with who you are, every facet of who you are — that which has been unembraceable, that which has been unacceptable, that which does not match up to your highest idea of who you can possibly be, which is being gods and goddesses realized in this dimensional reality. And it is to acknowledge that those facets of you, hitherto judged very harshly, can be embraced and in the embracement, automatically creating transformation.

So you may say that each of you has chosen to come forth in this timing, in this incarnation, to take part in this grand end-time cycle. You have chosen this for the adventure and for the self-realization.

Now you know, in a way, this is no big deal. It is not something of great seriousness. Rather it is to learn the joy of being who you are in the laughter and the play of your day-to-days. It is the embracement in the moment where what you are creating is not bringing you joy that will make the change. It is when you are in this space that it occurs automatically without you having to do anything.

It is you in that place of love, of embracement, of allowance, that the following occurs. Automatically that which is the frequency that you are, the vibratory frequency of your rate of being, of your energy, becomes faster. You may say that the transition to occur is a speeding up of your energetic frequency.

Now there is also the idea that when you have attained this extraordinary state called super-consciousness, called enlightenment, that there is nowhere to go; that that is the end and you have attained perfection! It is not so. You are not to attain perfection in this transformation; you already are perfect. When the transition comes, you will not be more perfect. You will simply be in the realization of the perfection that you are in this now and in the realization of your own perfection.

All right, so this is a coming time of change, soon in your time and not in some far off mystical future. It is imminent, this transformation, and it is that which quickens within the breast of you that will make you so very excited. It will make you so fervent in your desire to know your truth.

2012 — it is not long to go. And this transformation is occurring now. Every time you are in the excitement of the idea of this transformation, so you are assisting yourself in the ease and flow.

It is not about struggle, it is not about trying to be spiritual, and it is not about trying to be good! You are spiritual and you are goodness. What is that, hmm? What is goodness? You are perfection now — glorious, powerful, perfect creatures — unto infinity. You are your perfection.

This transition, if you will allow it to be, will be a soft and gentle ease, a flow. It is about love. And that which is your enlightenment is the natural result of loving who you are absolutely and unconditionally. There is nothing to do but to be in that place of love. When it is not thusly, stop and deal with what is occurring, with the feeling, to create the transformation, the transition. That is who you are.

And we say, even if there were to be no end time and beginning time, still you are always in a place of transition. Transition is a natural state. That which is termed God/Goddess, All-That-Is is in a constant flow called transition, called transformation, called change, called expansion. That is your natural state of being.

You are creatures of love, created of love for love in love eternally. Love is your perfection. There is nothing else. And so you may say that the transition is only about realizing your natural state.

There are also, of course, many questions? What will occur after the transition? That is what you all want to know, and the more you know, the less you want to be here, hmm? We know.

Well, you want to know how it is to be in that place of expanded consciousness, to be in that place of knowing the truth of you. What do you think it might be like to be in bliss, to be in bliss more and more each day? To be in love? To be in love with you and to be absolutely in love with everything and everybody in the recognition of the God-light of all things? How does it feel?

Well, it will be that when you perceive things exterior to you, you perceive that which is the God-light, the Light Sourceness. In that state of being you are lighter. You are less dense in your physicality. You will have a physical body; it will simply be less dense. Your perceived reality, exterior to you, will be less dense.

The power of you will be realized to manipulate matter at a consciousness which most of you do not have in this now. Of course you manipulate matter in this now else you would have no reality, but most of you do not know how you do it. You will, in this place of love and loving, come to the realization that the thought embraced by the emotion termed love immediately creates coalesced energy into physical matter.

Also you will have the ability to manipulate your own physical matter termed your body. So there will be much fun and games. You are learning this already. You are starting to feel this power of manipulation of matter, of physical matter. As you learn to heal your bodies, as you learn how it is that your emotion — that energetic power-sourceness of you — creates your beingness, your physicality, so, if you desire change, you will know how in the power of love. You will also have the knowing to use sound and color to assist you in this changement. You are learning it now. In this change you are recognizing your own power.

Many of you become quite terrified at the thought of this boundless power that you are. However, we say to you to look at your life in this now and look back a few years and see how you have already come forth in that place of expansion. See how much you have learned. You see, it has been almost imperceptible in the time that has passed and you are now, in this moment, quite comfortable with that expansion. And so it shall be, the more and the more.

But it is for you to be in the ease and flow so that it certainly is not what you would term a great shock. It is not as if you would wake up one day and there is a stranger with unlimited power looking at you from the mirror, hmm? No. It will be gentle and soft, exciting, adventurous, joyous, and wondrous beyond measure.
In a way it is difficult for us to use just words to describe that which does not fit into the limited boxes of your conscious understanding. Of course, we say the words to you to keep your mind busy, but really it is that which is the emotion. It is the grandeur of love that touches you so that rather than an intellectual understanding, it becomes a knowing of the heart, a feeling about this change, this transition.

Your minds, no matter what we say, can really and truly grasp mostly intellectual ideas, but it is in the feeling where the transformation takes place. It is in the love where we really communicate with you. As we say so very often about what is the incredible reality of this state of being, it is like explaining to a fetus within the uterus what life is like after birth. So it is not to speak about the reality after the transition, but to speak of the natural wondrousness of the reality now which will gently unfold into this place of transition.

In a way you may say the transition that you call death is the same. Death is a natural state of beingness of this dimension of reality. It is as natural as birthing. It would be our desire to see the humanities come into more of a knowing about the truth of death so that the fear component in the contemplation of death is totally embraced.

Death truly is like stepping out of a suit of clothing that no longer fits you. It is stepping forth into a grand and wondrous new adventure. It is to rejoin with that which is the greater part of your soul energy. And it is to rejoin also with the soul energy of those who are your beloved ones of other dimensions, both from this reality and of other realities because, of course, none of it is separate. It is simply that you are not, in this timing, so aware of those other beings.

And that is exactly as it is to be. You come forth, after all, to have this great adventure uncontaminated. We mean no negative thing here by that which are your past and future lives and that which are your lifetimes of other dimensions of reality. You come here for a very pristine adventure. This adventure has great integrity in and of itself, hmm? You are here simply for the experience. You are really not here to learn anything. That you do learn is wondrous and it is all very exciting for you, but you’re simply here. If you look at the greater picture, you are here to have an adventure, and it is an adventure of emotion.

No matter how you judge it — good stuff or bad stuff — it is all energy. You are here to have an emotional adventure, and you are here in this lifetime to learn to embrace absolutely all of the emotions so that there is no negative judgment about any of it. You see? It is quite simple, indeed. The natural next step in your adventure;

What is to occur is that very gently you are unfolding, unfolding — learning more about who you are. You are learning more about love, learning more about allowance and embracement. Every time you choose love, you are changing your frequency. You are lifting that rate of spin faster and faster. Every time you choose love, you are changing the reality. Every time you choose love, you are choosing for all of your species. Every time you choose love, you are changing your physical reality. It is a gentle unfolding.

This growth of consciousness, this expansion, is growing exponentially and the matter, the mass, the energetic mass of consciousness, is reaching a critical explosion. And there, in this most wondrous blink of an eye, the consciousness of your entire planet has changed.

And nobody will be left behind. Nobody will be left behind! Why? Because this transition is about love, and love means no separation. It is about love. It is about your truth. It is the most exciting adventure for the humanities for 25,000 of your years. In a greater sense, it is even longer than that, and you have all chosen to partake in this adventure. But we remind you there is nothing to do. It is about being. About being who you really are and recognizing the truth of you. Stop struggling!

Copyright Jani King 2001

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