Gallery: TODAY: Free Lightworker Broadcast with Tiara Kumara

June 6, 2021 by Tiara Kumara

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Three Broadcast Times:
8 am, 3 pm, 8 pm ~ ET
(same time as New York)


If you cannot make these time, you can Request Replay

We are standing on a critical precipice. Our actions in this very moment will determine the course of humanity for the next millennia. Our victory in the light is assured, absolutely. Will it be now, or much later? It all depends on how this moment is handled and how we traverse the precarious situation now unfolding on world stage.

It’s not a time to look the other way, thinking we are above it all. It’s not a time to hide in the bunker until it blows over. I totally get it. It’s not fun to be in the 3d right now. My understanding though… is that we are required to keep a strong foothold in the physical world and to assist humanity across the bridge. This today is a great clarion call to step up our service.

This insightful sharing addresses:

Emergent Timelines
Intensifying Chaotic Events
Critical Importance for Lightworker Service



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