Gallery: Creating Social Capital

June 5, 2021 by Steve Beckow

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When spokespeople for the Alliance say that the public needs awakening before being hit with the news of what’s occurring, I believe them.

It seems to take a great deal of work to rouse public opinion to accept great and necessary change. And ten times more work to rouse public opinion along lines that don’t incite mob violence.

Gandhi chose to abandon a number of initiatives when violence broke out.

A meme among lightworkers is to call the people “sheeple.” Well, “sheeple” works both ways. The people seem to follow opinion leaders. So far those leaders have proven to be, many of them, adharmic (immoral, unrighteous).  If dharmic leaders arise, as it’s said they will, I believe the people will follow them.

But when the people go the way we want them to, we don’t call them “sheeple.” We call them an “informed” and “enlightened” and even “aroused” public. The self-serving bias operates here.

Arousing that public without lapsing into adharmic behavior ourselves will be the trick. Executing the cabal is in my opinion an example of adharmic behavior. We’ll regret it later on.

Meanwhile, the revelation of what’s happening in the world, which we’re all expecting, may rouse the public from any complacency or lethargy – what the Hindus call thamas – it may be in.


When the blanket is shaken, the sand flies off but the fabric of society remains.  The fabric of society is its social capital. For me, a synonym for “social capital” would be “goodwill.”

It is “social” rather than being buildings and machinery.

When the nations of the world came through the Second World War, the victors celebrated. The social capital those nations enjoyed at that moment was probably among the highest it had ever been.  They’d fought together. They’d sacrificed together. And they’d made it through together. At that moment, they were as open, connected, and bonded as they might ever be.

As the people of the world slowly come together in resistance to vaccinicide, we’re building social capital.  Given the Ascension energies, popular resistance and action against a human-rights abuse such as this, I believe, is bound to grow and succeed. But it must remain, as far as possible, peaceful. It cannot produce more residue to lead to future opposition.

I invite those lightworkers interested in politics (I am not) to begin thinking of the role they might play after the new playing field is established and what their own principles are.

I follow my insides on where I should go and my insides aren’t giving me a green light on politics. Nor does the idea spark much interest in me. It does give me a green light though every time I say, “I’m a writer.” I’m already doing what I love.


Lightworkers create social capital. The cabal’s strategy is to destroy it.

They attempt to make people afraid of their neighbors so that they break their emotional connection to them and become insular. They pit people against each other on the basis of race, religion, vaccination status, etc.  They use manufactured crises to limit social freedoms and dictate futures.

Creating social capital is the opposite. It may be a thing that lightworkers specialize in. To feel compassion, to assist the poor, to serve as a voice for the voiceless – these things create social capital.

I maintain that just doing what we do best as lightworkers raises the whole frequency of society in ways we may not suspect.  And it may cause the dark’s plans to fail as well. Certainly it’ll play a part in it.

In my view, doing what we do as lightworkers is contributing to making a world that works in ways we can only imagine.


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