Gallery: The Starseed Transmissions ~ Chapter Twelve: An Open Ending and A New Beginning

June 1, 2021 by Suzanne Maresca

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We’ve arrived at the final chapter of this marvelous material channeled by Ken Carey over an 11 day period from December 27, 1978 to January 6, 1979.   It’s the clearest and most pure information from Spirit I may ever have come across, and readers seem to agree.

We’ve heard from folks who never read the book and have been enjoying the posting of it here.  Others read it years ago and are getting more out of it this time around.  One enthusiastic reader who never read it at all absolutely  loved the first chapters so much that she ran out to purchase the book for immediate consumption.

You may already know that Ken followed this book up with another channeled masterpiece called Return of the Bird Tribes.  It’s a longer work at 233 pages, so we won’t be posting it here, but it’s another informative and fascinating read.

Chapter Twelve ~ An Open Ending and A New Beginning

In after times, you will come to think of the beginning of the Age of Discovery as your own real beginning. In a sense, this will be true, for it will indeed be the beginning of your coherent functioning as a unified physical organism independent of the mother planet.

When the collectivity of your being considers its experience in the terms of an individual lifetime, you will think of all the years of your history up until The Coming shortly after the turn of the Second Millennium A.D., as being years of darkness, years spent in the womb. You will remember nothing about them.

When, in maturity, you come to reflect upon the millennium that has been labeled the Period of Planetary Awakening, you will look upon these years as the years of your childhood, years of vehicular formation. You will remember a little about them.

What you will encounter, and what you will experience, in the third period, out among the galaxies as an awakened child of the stars, will be so awesome and so novel that there is nothing that I could say about it that would mean anything to you, except, perhaps, that it is all reflected rather crudely in some of your primitive mythologies.

The craft that you are to assemble during the coming millennium in preparation for this will not be dead like the materials you form today, but alive like tree, flower and wind. You will inspire them with the gift of your consciousness as the Father has inspired me and as I inspire you. Yet all will be one. All will live and breathe with the coherence of a single organism.

If you were to insist upon understanding all that is to come with your rational mind, you would be left sleeping far behind in the dust of history long after I pass. For I am a moving being, and my days on Earth are numbered. My true Kingdom is not of this world, but of a world that lies far beyond all the stars in your night sky.

If you will come with me, on our way to eternity we will have plenty of time to visit these star systems together, and you will have a thousand years to enjoy the Earth in peace and harmony before we leave. Come, does this not sound like a good plan? Trust in me as you did once long ago. We are alone here in time and space. I am the only consciousness. Surely I am worthy of your trust.

Let us be separate no longer, for I can read your heart and I see that you are homesick for a home you cannot remember. That home is my being. You cannot remember it because it is too vast and awesome to fit into any of your present structures of thought.

Listen to me, oh children of the Earth; trust no more in fear and his many lies. Breathe with me the breath of eternal life, the breath that I bring you this day. Your collective creation as a unified awareness center is still to be, but as individuals, the Second Coming is at hand! And so is the third and the fourth and the fifth and the sixth – all the way to the end of your numbers.

For I am rising up in your midst like a great wave of irresistible energy. I am rising in the peasants. I am rising in the farmers. I am rising in the factory workers, and the children of every country on the face of the Earth. I am rising, surfacing, awakening, with power, with clarity, with love, and with life-giving information.

All those who love can feel me this moment, stirring restless in their breasts. Those who do not now deny my expression are those who will inherit the Earth. I am the future, yet I am now. In truth, I am none other than you.

I am the life that the Earth has been courting since prehistoric times. I am the reflection of all my creation. You are a cell in my body, but as is a hologram, you are the whole as well. Your flesh is my flesh, and your blood, my blood. Share in my eternal life; for I am all that ever was, all that is, and all that ever shall be.

Let us unite in your reality as we are already united in mine. I have told you to identify with me, but it is even easier than that. Just stop identifying with your own self images and you will find that what is left is already identified with me, because it is me.

Do not judge yourselves too harshly in the shadow of your birth, but come, sup with me first at the table of life. Find out who is here to judge. I am the relationship between Spirit and Matter, between all that is temporal and all that is eternal. I am the pattern that matter conforms to when it comes in contact with being.

Flow now into harmony. Adjust your identity patterns to coincide with the archetypal mold that I have prepared specifically for you. It is waiting in my conceptions. If you have faith in me, my design will blow away your limitations like a child wishing upon a dandelion.

Listen for the whisper in your heart. You will hear it when your thoughts are still. Focus upon it until it fills your being and becomes the motivational energy behind all your actions. You were not created to wear a scowl or to hide behind the aprons of your past. Cast off these ancient garments, and clothe yourselves in the robes I have prepared. They are your new definition-roles and they behoove you well. The bride must now dress for the groom, though the time to you has seemed long in coming.

In the days to come, your nourishment will be to do the will of the life that sent you, and to accomplish its deeds. The life that rises up within you this very moment contains all the living information needed for the sustenance of your physical body. But the nature of this life-information is that it provides the energy needs of the body as it is flowing through.

If it is not allowed to flow through, if it is bottled up in concepts and past-future orientation, it will be unable to provide you with its nourishment. Life-information is the will of the Father. But if that will is not expressed, if it is not translated into action, if it is merely stored away in dusty concepts, then the human body will disease and eventually die.

If you would participate with me now in the implementation of my will on Earth, go and heal all that you can in Humankind, for in this hour, I appoint you the instruments of my change. Heal by my power of unity. Heal by the strength of your clarity. Heal by the degree and to the degree of your faith in my presence within you.

The vibrational harmony of each and every atom, in each and every cell of your inter-related physical bodies, dancing together in rhythmic entrainment and your own power to direct my awakened intentionality and extend this harmonic dance of vibrational unity to anything you so choose, is a power that — in the twinkling of an eye, or the passing of a cloud — will transform all before it.

When you go about adjusting all manner of disharmonies in the bodies and events of your times, do so by the power of my name, which is the power of my nature. Say then, “Be whole.” or, “May you be made whole.” If you say this with consciousness and assurance, it shall be done in matter as it is already done in spirit.

As you travel about in the times of later awakenings, take with you few provisions for your needs. Trust that those who are vibrationally attuned will already know that you are coming and have a place prepared for you. Enter there with your peace and let it spread. This will unite all your conscious co-workers in spirit, and send out great waves of peace to the surrounding countryside.

Many will feel this and be puzzled as to the reason. Go then among them, and quietly teach them of the changes that are upon your species. Teach them primarily through the way that you are and the way that you perceive. But do not deprive those who are in need of words of that which they desire. When the age that you are helping to usher in is in full bloom, words will no longer be the necessities that they are today, but in this transitional period, there are many who can profit by them.

If none will accept your peace in a given area, think no thought of it, but continue on to those areas where you are received graciously. For there will be a few pockets of resistance in places where the powers of materialization are gathering.

When you leave such an area of negativity, shake out of your vibrational body every last trace of the limiting conceptions you have encountered. These will be as particles of doubt and fear that will cling to your heart and trouble your understanding if you retain any memory of the experience.

As you travel in these times, your way will not always be resistance free, for the world will still be polarizing. But if you have trust in the spirit that guides your every action, you will encounter and inspire far more joy than fear. Your occasional difficulties will be more than compensated for by the widespread revivals you will participate in, often involving whole cities and nations.

For these are not to be like the days when you traversed the hills of the Roman Empire, while the world was yet young in spirit and the forces of materialization were at their prime. No, this is a different age, and the Earth is ripe for harvest. In this age it shall be the spirit that proves victorious. Nations are already prepared and waiting.

Do not trouble yourself with the entry of my hand into human events in areas that do not concern you, but trust that all is unfolding as it should. No one harvests but from seeds that they have sown. Your concern should not be with the old reality, but with the living presence of God.

The only condemnation will be on those who do not love the spirit of life, who choose the things of matter and chase after them with evil deeds. It is good to express appreciation for the things of this Earth, but if these things of matter come to dominate all of an individual’s attention, and assume a greater importance than the very life which grants attention, then that is not good.

Whoever shall drink of the waters of Earth shall thirst again, and whoever shall eat at the planet’s table shall hunger again; but I bring you the nourishment of eternal life. Partake of it and hunger and thirst no more. Sleep is all you remember, perhaps, but do not fear the dawn.

When spirit touches matter lightly, the matter responds with fife-forms such as you have on Earth.When it touches matter fully, stars are created. The nuclear reactions that are now being triggered by the increasing proximity of spirit will take an entirely different form after The Coming.

They will occur under controlled biological conditions within your own bodies. This is already happening occasionally to some of you, though you do not recognize it as such. This and the direct assimilation of starlight are to be the mechanisms of eternal life.

All that I am telling you, you know with every cell of your body, with every breath you inhale. I have been telling you these things not only from within, but through various interpreters of one kind or another since you first became objectified in my dreams, since my intentions first began to cast their shadow on time and space.

These are not new things to you. Think for a moment. You know all these things. You remember the plans we made, the cautions we issued. You remember existence before the Fall. Why imagine that you do not? Wake up! Let me express through you. Put on my awareness. We are one. We have always been one.

The Earth has been filled. The clay is prepared. I am waking beneath the surface of all that live, to breathe the breath of life, the first breath of life as a single planetary organism. You are children of Earth, but from the moment of birth, you are to observe a new relationship with your Father of the Suns.

Come, learn the language we spoke of old, the language of love, the language of light, the language of no misunderstanding. Do you hear my song? Do you hear what I am singing? In this age, my words will be as music, and they will translate into action for all those who move in time. For my life is not still and stationary as are the very best of words. Life is moving and alive, changing, laughing, playing, flowing ever into the new. This is the nature of what I bring.

I bring a time of action and adventure. Leave your words in history where they properly belong. You have worshiped reason and Satan through them long enough. Look to me this day. I am the light and the truth. I am the Father you have worshiped in heaven, now come to Earth to make my home in your heart.

Forget all but the song I am singing in your soul. Be in this moment with me. Open to the life that I am. I bring the burning fire of purification information revelation. Open to all that you are. I bring the annunciation of your birth. It could be now, this very moment. Let everything that you imagine yourself to be drift to a state of rest, and feel me rise up within. I am rising like a spring from the depth of your being, my being, and we are one.

I am here now I tell you, in your streets, in your marketplaces, in your towns, in your villages. I am watching out of the eyes of babes and the young of heart of every race, station, and creed. Reflect me in all that you are. Bring my awareness and my consciousness into every environment that you construct around yourselves.

The days of isolation are ending. Soon all media will proclaim: “Rejoice! Rejoice! The Lord has come! Let Earth resound the name and reflect the nature. Let Satan be bound and all the prophecies fulfilled. For the Lord walks in the frame of Man and sees a planet through his eyes.”

There is only one of us here in consciousness. It is you, bubbling up in a billion different guises, surfacing to reawaken your unified awareness with a coating of humanity. Can you ease your exploitation of the Earth just a little, until you find out who you really are? Can you wait to spend all your resources until you know what you really want? I am that part of you that has woken up.

I can assure you, we are here for a purpose.

I speak as if we were separate, for in your illusion, you would have it so. But I tell you, there is only one of us here. It is you. Yet you dream still in the spell of matter. Do not allow matter to dictate your future any longer. Go gently in these last days of unconsciousness. Listen to these voices among your dreams. Listen to the whisperings in your heart.

We speak of a new way of being. We speak of a new reality. We speak of your awakening as being but a moment away. Does this not make sense to you? Somewhere under all your conceptions and rational convictions, is there not a child sleeping? There is a part of you, I know for it is I, that lies like a thin wisp of certainty, a forgotten shred of simplicity, behind all your sorrow and beyond all your confusion.

Be still. Let it expand and fill you with yourself. You know these things in your heart.

I look out across the slumbering sea of humanity, and I whisper these words in the night. And I know that I address a great being sleeping still in ignorance of itself. I know that if the wild Winter winds of your communication systems send tatters or fragments-of this message echoing in the darkness, it will still be to the unconscious that I speak. For the conscious have seen the sky start to brighten in the East and have felt the warming Spring of eternal life begin to thaw the hardness of their preconceptions.

Can you not feel the Earth as you approach? Can you not feel her wrap you in her matter? Are your life forms not sufficiently prepared now to receive the blessing- definitions that will terminate their larval period? You have told them to multiply and fill the Earth, and behold: They walk the entire face of the planet and dominate every habitable landscape. This is good. You do not reason in the manner of men.

Each new baby increases the probability….. oh, you could awaken now if you needed to….. but if only….. it would be so much better….. just a little longer now and it….. oh, it would all flow so well….. organically….. like a flower opening….. it could all be so….. so….. so….. ever so easy….. babies….. babies….. four and one half billion units of circuitry capable of sustaining your full consciousness….. and any one of them….. any single one of them could….. is….. you see….. you see….. this is the way….. this is the way….. it came to be….. and the life….. God, the life….. is so beautiful.


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