Gallery: The Starseed Transmissions ~ Chapter Eleven: Education of Spirit

May 31, 2021 by Suzanne Maresca

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I first read this book much closer to when it was originally published back in 1991.  The material in it was channeled by Ken Carey over an 11 day period from December 27, 1978 to January 6, 1979.   I don’t honestly recall my impressions from the first reading, but I’ve kept it on my shelf all these years and was recently nudged to go dust it off and have a look.

What I found inside these pages is nothing short of perfect for these exact times.  Enjoy…

Chapter Eleven ~ Education of Spirit

In times when fear patterns predominate, the laws that humans require are many and complex. But when those patterns are broken up, as is shortly to be, all human laws shall be abolished. In the presence of my spirit, there is but one law, and that is the law of love; love all, love what is, love yourself as you are, and love me as I express through you. No matter how diverse expressions appear to be, realize that they are all differentiations of your own essence in various contexts. Love them all. See the unity of life.

The law of love is more than a law, it is the way of life. What do you think causes the sprouts in the spring?  What do you think brings fruit to the branch? It is all love, all life, calling out the potential of this planet. Be in and of this love, and the many confusing laws of old will be absorbed in the glorious expression of life on Earth.

It is written that the day will come when men will no longer live on the bread of matter, but on the living word of God. Attune. That day is now. The nourishing information awaits within. Eat of it in ways that you will not understand with the rational mind. Partake of infinite energy. Do not reason over it and trouble your hearts and say it is by this mechanism or that mechanism. But arise, take up my identity in your being, and enter the house that I have prepared for you in my manifest body.

Follow the direction of informing life. It rises up within you like the feeling you got when you were in love and your beloved drew near. It quickens your heart this very moment.Trust in it. It will not lead you astray. Be impeccable in all that you do, however small a thing, and in that perfection express my fullness.

On the hills of Galilee, I taught you to cast out devils in my name. But this is a new age and a new generation, and to those of you who are to work with me in the preparation of this planet. I will say this as well “Cast out definitions in my name.” For it is by definitions of a multitudinous kind that the spirit of life, bubbling so gently out of the Earth, is held in the restraining halls of Satan.

In the coming age, it is to be by my definitions alone that matter is informed. On vibrational channels of being, I am broadcasting these definitions even now. If you silence your thoughts and attune to your inner signals, you will begin to expand into my conceptions, into a new interpretation of reality.

Find the doorway to this reality through your heart. Enter and be still. Find out what manner of being you are. I have been beaming my signals to you steadily ever since you first left the Garden, but their message has been faint among the loud clamoring of your many words. Now, with my approach, these signals are increasing in amplitude. Soon it will be they who drown out the many words. Tune into these signals and learn about yourselves. There is much that you have forgotten.

If an acorn falls to the ground among many other acorns, and becomes so involved with its relationships to the other acorns that it clings ever to its definition of itself as an acorn, then that acorn will never die as an acorn, and will never discover that in God’s definition, it is not an acorn, but a mighty oak. Do not be like the acorn in this parable and cling to your larval self-images until you are rotting and crawling with worms. Release your childish conceptions and allow the Creator to define you in his terms.

Trust in God for your survival needs and you will neither starve nor be found lacking. See first the Kingdom of Heaven, and through that seeing, you will notice survival factors you had previously overlooked. They are too close to your eyes. Your mind is still looking for complexities.

Throughout history, you have been struggling so hard to survive, by your definition of survival, that you have forgotten why you want to survive. When you rediscover why you want to survive, you will rediscover me. I am your reason for survival. I am the spark of life within you, expressing my universality through your environment. It is I who want to survive and find expression through you.

You want to stay on Earth because it is the most beautiful Spring morning of all your history, and you are in love — in love with the spirit that sings in your heart, in love with the glorious planet that clothes you in her matter.

Do not continue to sleep, lest in dreaming you miss all that is taking place. If you hear these words now, and feel my peace as your thoughts begin to trouble you less, do not rush off right away in joy, but stay for a time where you are. Be still until you are empowered from on high. These first ripples you feel are just a hint of what is to come. When the Holy Spirit has fully touched you, you will know what I know, see what I see, and be what I am.

Await the fuller coming in your heart. Then when you speak, your words will have more significance because they will be in full accord with your vibrational pattern. Few will listen to you preach a gospel of love if they sense the fear in your heart. Be still and be quiet. My spirit cannot come when minds are full. If this message cannot be verified by your own experience in this moment, it will do little good.

My message is one of peace, harmony, wholeness. I am restoring you to a state of health you have not known since before the projection of physical vehicles. I am awakening the state of consciousness we once shared as one. I am offering you the gift of myself. I promise you that if you receive me, you will receive the totality of all that is as well, for I and the Father are one.

If you believe in these words, understand clearly: it is not these words that you believe in, but the living reality that these words represent. The true communication is in your heart. There I commune directly. Unless you die to what has been and are born anew into this communion, you will not be able to share in all these things with us. Do not define yourself in mortal terms.

My message is a message of action. It is not something to be taken down from the shelf and dusted off on special occasions.Whoever learns to see through the eyes of Christ has learned to see what is real in a sea of illusion. If you are full of your own definitions, how will you receive mine?

When you give, do not give to those who may, perchance, repay you someday, for this is not true giving. But give to those who you know will never repay you except in spirit; this is payment enough. When good works are done through your physical form, turn aside all praise and say “It is not this form that is responsible, but one much greater than this form could ever contain in entirety. My form is but the agent of the Lord. Praise him directly, and do not emphasize the forms through which he works.”

For I am the doer of all that will now be done. You are my deeds. I make my home in your body, mind and heart. Make it a home of prayer, that I might enter and reside.

My coming is like the yeast that raises up the dough. This moment my spirit is awakening in the minds and hearts of the simple, the innocent and the sincere the world over. Under the Earth, I am spreading a living network of vibrational roots that are sprouting up with my consciousness in the awareness patterns of humans in every country, every community and every household where even a little love is to be found.

Wherever there is even a trace of love, I grow and multiply and spread until all the atmosphere vibrates with the eternal nowness of my presence.

The time scale of my coming is subjective. You can experience the reality of the process as soon as you are capable of sustaining the vision in your heart. The Coming will not be experienced by the species as a whole until the Christmas of your naming-defining, but on an individual level it will vary.

As I enter human events, the intensity of my bio-gravitational field will cause time to bubble and warp. In the midst of the past, islands of the future coming will arise. For a while, you will have the old and the new existing side by side.

From within the appearance of history, it will seem that a number of factors cause the phenomena associated with my coming. There will be logical, rational proof that certain influences have led up to and produced what is taking place. In truth, however, I come at my own inclination, in my own way. The intensity of my vibrational field is sufficient to adjust reality before it. This is what history is all about. Naturally, your events will converge, like the meridians at the poles, to meet me in the light. In love or in fear, all things will greet me there.

If you are sincere in wanting to understand this, become as little children. It will be the children, who care little for the laws of physics, but who eagerly await the animals’ gift of speech, who will be most comprehensively informed of each and every new development. They will joyfully ride the fluctuations of the approaching energy field with the grace of surfers balancing lightly on the waves.

What is happening is not so hard to understand. Many simple souls will grasp it at once, while many wise in the ways of the world will frown and wrinkle their brows. The wisest in the ways of the material realms, however, the physicists, have already begun to suspect what is happening.

Many others of their discipline will discover me shortly, and in the last days, many of their kind will be converted and take to spreading the word of the Lord. It will be the physicist, the anthropologist and the astronomer, who stand with the children and animals in the manger of matter, waiting for my consciousness to be born.

I am the life of the Father dancing in the clay, but the life of the Father must be joined by the consciousness of the Father if the organism is to achieve immortality. So I come and knock upon the door of your heart. Come dance this dance with me! Come sing this song! I sing in the presence of God, the song of eternal now. Up and down the length and breadth of eternity, my voice echoes in jubilation and delight.

Awaken out of your historical slumber and join those who are already working to usher in this new reality. And do not think ill of those whom you will first meet. I know whom I have chosen, and the harvesters I have sent into the fields of Humankind are as varied and as real as the people I have sent them to harvest.

Know each other, not by outward form, but by the love radiated in their presence. I have come, not to harvest a denomination, but to harvest all nations. I care little for the concepts endemic to this or that segment of the species, but I care much for the love that lives wherever there are pure in heart.

I am symbolized by the conjunction of longitudinal and latitudinal, by the sign of the cross. I unite all in a unity of time and space, a unity of Creator and Creation. In the fire of my love, I melt all division before me. I am the winds of change and I bring the breath of eternal life.

The seasons of Humankind are ended now, and the season of unified Man is to begin. I am the new wine that this generation has been designed to receive. I am the resurrected Christ come joyfully to dwell in the hearts of men.

Open to the new. Open to the impossible. Open to the reality that has stood for so long just outside the darkness of your perceptions. I am the one who has been surrounding your culture. I am the one who has been surrounding your history. It was I who taught in Galilee and healed the sick and brought the dead in spirit to life. For two thousand years I have been preparing you for this moment.

Awaken to my presence. Awaken to the reality that your history could not conceal but your foolishness could forget. Awaken to yourself, for this day I create you in my image and in my likeness, with the breath of my own body and the life of my own being.

Dance in the way of my patterns. Flow with the rivers of my love. They encircle your planet like a vast network of criss-crossing, pulsating, flashing, flowing arteries of light and life. They carry the wonderful news that the child of matter is to be heir to the Creator of all that ever was, all that is, and all that ever shall be. Do not try to pour this Living Information into the old jugs of your rational conceptions; for if you do, I will burst the skins and spill to the ground to quicken the very rocks instead.

Nothing that even the wisest among your race could hold in conception would have the strength and flexibility to contain this information.

After this day, the words that I send you will no longer be in danger of melting and running into the patterns of your conceptions. I will give you just a few more and then I will meet you inside, and we will sit around the fire of my love, where it is warmer than these snowy pages and chilly words. In the presence of your inner being, I bring you the words of informing life.

They are unlike words of paper and ink. Some few of them will be put to paper and ink and the words of men will ring with a power they have not known since the days of old. But this new information is not additional data that you will act upon. It is, rather, the very reality of your new nature. You are not to act upon my information in the future, you are to be my information yourselves. You are to be my will in action, my very deeds.

I am as alive, as unique, as appropriate and as changing, yet as constant and as steady, as the life that rises in the flowers or sings in the rains of Spring upon your rooftops. I come from the Father now to bring you his definition, to release you from the limitations of the past. I come to you from within as well as from without. I come to you when the guards of fear and reason are looking the other way. I Slip in, in moments when you are grateful or happy.

“Wake up!” I sing, for the time of the new is at hand, and all things are to be different from what they have been. See what I have in store. Believe nothing anymore, for I am the source of eternal knowledge and henceforth I will rise up within you like a spring that will never run dry. In the moment of your need will I inform you of everything you need to know. It has always been thus, but in these days the winds of life blow stronger than before.

The Creator approaches. Trust all that is and is to be.


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