Gallery: The Starseed Transmissions ~ Chapter Ten: The Living Information

May 30, 2021 by Suzanne Maresca

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I first read this book much closer to when it was originally published back in 1991.  The material in it was channeled by Ken Carey over an 11 day period from December 27, 1978 to January 6, 1979.   I don’t honestly recall my impressions from the first reading, but I’ve kept it on my shelf all these years and was recently nudged to go dust it off and have a look.

What I found inside these pages is nothing short of perfect for these exact times.  Enjoy…

Chapter Ten ~ The Living Information

Christ is the single unified being whose consciousness all share. He is the being who sacrificed, for a time, his unified sense of identity, and cloaked himself in the matter of a planet that a species might share his life. He went to sleep to dream an evolutionary process that would leave him, upon awakening, clothed in a physical body comprised of many human cells.

Christ’s first coming was the first time since life appeared on Earth that the totality of consciousness woke up in the frame of a man. This was Jesus of Nazareth.

Through Jesus, Christ walked the Earth and began to prepare the human population. He taught the matter-bound humans of the Roman Empire to do the opposite of all their habitual inclinations; love your enemy, give away all your material possessions, be humble, and so forth. He taught people how to break every single one of the governing principles which Satan was at that time using to regulate the known world.

After Christ’s Ascension, his followers organized his teachings and the story of his life into a book. This book was written during a period of history when human beings had no science, no concept of evolution, no hologramatic theory, and no understanding of any but the most rudimentary facts of existence on this third planet from the star they call Sun.

Nevertheless, it proved to be a living bombshell to the world governments that were in power at the time of its release. Satan knew that he had to give it his full treatment if it were not to totally destroy him. He knew that if people began acting on the information it contained, his influence would be ended. So he devised a clever scheme for using the very power of this information to prevent its actual application.

He organized a vast bureaucratic structure around the simple teachings of Jesus. He mobilized thousands of “official” interpreters into an elitist priesthood, and sent them out to the masses of people, to bore them, to confuse them, and to otherwise prejudice them against the message of Christ.

He did not care if everyone worshiped Christ superficially, just so long as they continued to worship material possessions in actual fact. He did not care if everyone gave lip service to the teachings of Jesus, just so long as no one tried to live them.

His primary maneuver for distracting humans from the message of Christ was to emphasize the messenger and the mechanics of the message, while disregarding the substance of what was taught. The call to take personal responsibility and to implement Christ’s teachings in daily life became lost in crucifix worship and later in scripture worship.

The message of Jesus, to disengage oneself from the influence of matter, and become filled with the Holy Spirit, became buried under a catalog of religious verbiage and dogmatic interpretation. Self-righteousness was encouraged in the name of the Lord, and many died defending interpretations that had nothing to do with the simple truths of Jesus.

It is easy for the self-righteous of this day to feel smug superiority when mention is made of the Inquisition and the Crusades, but it is only the names and the places that have changed.

Everywhere my eyes see, and everywhere my ears hear, those who claim to follow in the ways that I have taught are flaunting their religious superiority in the faces of those who speak with different words, as a woman might flaunt a cape of unique design. There is nothing more sorrowful than to observe this behavior among those who claim to live by my truth.

Have two thousand years not educated your race to the absurdity of conceptual argument? Every language that my teachings have been translated into reflects but another variation on my original meaning. Even within the context of a single language, there are those who hear different meanings in the very same phrase.

Those who extrapolate with the rational mind rather than with the love in their hearts will find meanings as many and as varied as the sands of the sea. Do you not know by now that it is not the words that matter, but the life of the spirit behind them?

If you cut off the love in your heart to another because of conceptual differences, I will cut you off from my life, like a pruner would cut a branch that has no merit. The pattern of every leaf is not the same. Every branch does not leave the trunk at the same place in the same manner.

You are all brothers and sisters in consciousness. Do not separate yourselves according to the ways you like to think about things. What is happening is far beyond your childish ideas. In the end, it will only be those who have abandoned their conceptual preferences who will understand the truth of love incarnate.

I am Christ. I am coming this day through the atmosphere of your consciousness. I am asking you to open the door of your reason, to allow me into your heart. Let me spring up from the ashes of your ignorance like the flame that burned brightly in the simplicity of your childhood.

Look to the bible of love, my living presence in your heart, rather than to the wordy debates of little minds on the written word of old. Man is not impeccable in his past, but God’s word has never changed. It is a word of love and a word of life.

It unites and rejoins all who hear it in the truth of being. Its verbal translations are multiple and varied, and if they can lead you to the love and truth that lives behind them, good; use them. But if they separate and divide you in the many interpretations of reason, cast them aside and listen with your inner ear, there I inform you directly.

Hear my word through the love of all that is. Do not hold your mind in tight conceptual patterns, but relax and open it as a rose opens her blossoms. Discover who you are in God’s sight. These are wondrous times to be alive. Those who split these words, or the words of old, will be but doing the work of Satan.

Listen to the living word of God in your heart, and be at peace. Until the time when all human ideas fall away and you enter the secret place where God’s plans are revealed, do not bicker with each other over the limitations of your understanding.

If any find fault with these words, and say that this is not right, or that is not right, quickly agree with them and be about the Father’s business. No words will ever be right in the reason of men. What I bring this day is more than words. I bring the Living Information of Life.Accept it and the love in which it is offered.

I am the bridegroom, spoken of old. I came to you first through a man named Jesus. Your race was not fully prepared then for my coming, so I set the seeds in that age for this event that is before you. You should be prepared for these teachings. I planted their seeds on the hills of Galilee. New men and new women had to be prepared through the years of Christian Civilization, for the bridegroom could not put the new wine into old jugs.

But rejoice! The millennia of your fasting are over, the bridegroom returns. Let us prepare the feast. Take and eat of this truth, for it is my body, and drink of this love, for it is my blood. I have come to establish a new relationship with your species and the ways of old shall be no more. See how all things are fulfilled; I am the sower and you are my seed.

In ancient times I have fertilized the Earth. Now the planet has borne fruit and the harvest shall begin. I will take the gifts of this great season for the containers of my own consciousness. If you believe these things, it will be so for you. If you have the faith of but a grain of mustard seed, you will eventually be restored, and the greater the faith, the sooner the healing.

Whoever will come after me will have to die to all definitions of self, take up my spirit, and follow along the lines of my vibrational field. Whoever clings to his definition of self will lose his identity when that definition is no more, but whoever shall relinquish all definitions for my sake, and for the entry of my consciousness, the same shall share in my eternal life.

All who receive their impressions of the world as a small child receives them, without judgment, with love and acceptance, will receive my awareness. And all who receive me, receive as well, the consciousness of the one who sent me, the consciousness of the Creator himself. This is the greatest gift.

But it is not a gift that you keep to yourself. It only enters where it is being given out. It does not stay with you except as it flows through you. The more you are able to give, the more will you receive. As you gain in proficiency and become a channel for my grace, the torrent passing through you will wear away all remnant of your former condition.

You will find yourself functioning on reality levels that at this time you would not understand were I to tell you of them.

Whoever learns to function in this way is like the man who built the house of his identity upon the firm rock of that which is eternal. Do not continue to draw identity from that which is soon to pass away, but build your identity as I am now defining you, as my own being in the context of your environment.

I will come to you first with the consciousness of a child, for it is thus that you will learn again of your world. Whoever receives this child-consciousness for my sake, will receive he who has sent me later when the child is grown in spirit. Receive as little children and enter my life.

The foxes have their holes, the birds, their nests, but there are few humans of this generation where I can rest my perceptions. I created you to be the temples of my awareness, but you have filled my dwelling place with material desires and driven out my spirit with the clamoring of thieves. Waste no time in vain regret, but open to my love and make the simple change.

If you ask me the way, I will not turn you down. No father would give a stone to his child who asked for life. Do not be too proud to pray, for my eyes do see and my ears do hear. There is not a child on Earth who sincerely calls upon my attention without receiving it in full. Many of this generation consider themselves too sophisticated to pray, but I tell you, all of these will be praying before this transition is over.

No one who is divided within himself will survive the times ahead. They are times of integration and wholeness. The life of the body is the “I.” When your “I” is single it is “I” who am present. But when your “I” is fragmented, then your body begins to die. Take heed then, and identify with the life of the body, and not with the matter of Earth. When your “I” is single, your body will be full of life and no part of it will know disease or death.

When you fragment your identity, you cut off parts of your body from my nurture. This is the cause of disease.

I have come to do away with the materializing tendencies that have accompanied the formation of your species. I have come to give you the gift of eternal life. I warn all those that deal overmuch with complexities that these are of Satan. My way is a simple way. It does not require rituals to matter. One who unknowingly breaks my patterns will be taught patiently, but one who knowingly breaks my patterns is sinning against the spirit of life. For that sin, the wages are death.

Do not worry about life; what you are to eat, what you are to put on. The life is more than matter, and the body more than a vehicle. Look at how the trees survive.Observe the birds who neither sow nor reap. Are you not of greater awareness than these? Then why is it that you worry about these things? Do you think that by your thoughts you can lengthen your life an hour or a day?

Life is not here to be governed by thoughts, but thoughts are here to be directed by life. Get behind me, Satan, into the past where you belong; remove your tired thoughts from the minds of men. I bring them the thought of life, informing every atom of their bodies with all that is required in the moment of my presence.

If God provides the foliage of the Earth such a beautiful definition of his expression, how much more will he give to you who are made in his image and likeness? Beware of many possessions. A man’s life does not come from what he possesses, but from what does not possess him. Look for the Kingdom within and all without shall be transformed.

I wish to share my consciousness with all, but those who are not prepared on the day of my coming will only receive as much as they are able, according to the manner in which they are accustomed to receiving. Who do you think will receive the gifts of my fullest awareness? It will be the good and faithful servants who have prepared for my coming.

I am coming only now to bring life to the Earth. The Mother has kindled it before me and approximated the outward forms of my design. But I come only now to baptize in the name of the Lord. I am coming now to animate matter in such a way as has not been done since before the beginning. I will baptize all species with my own definitions. I will inform all of their true function.

And yes, my little ones, the animals will talk.

Has it not occurred to you that in the Garden of long ago it was not I who named the animals, but Adam, the son of matter? And has it not occurred to you further that only the Creator could possess the power necessary to bless into full life?

My level of vibrational penetration was sufficient in those days to quicken the species to an elementary level of mortal life, but the intensity of my full presence was not yet. So, in the shadow of the event, I appointed Adam my representative.

And in the past, before the animals were given spirit definitions, Adam named them in the nature of their forms and in the nature of their physical patterns. It is these that run and play among you today. I will transform them, just as I will transform you, into something much more wonderful.

You should not dismiss too quickly the childish visions and primitive superstitions prevalent among the “less educated” of your species. For while these simple concepts certainly do not represent the entirety of the approaching phenomenon, they do, nevertheless, embody archetypal characteristics of it, some of which will be dramatized for your benefit. Too many of you possess an intellectual snobbery which prevents the uninhibited expression of my spirit. The animation of some of your discarded mythology will be your swiftest cure.

You think I have come to bring unity and peace to the Earth, and this is true, but to accomplish this, I must first divide the vibrational fields that are currently overlapping. I bring the sword of division that will separate all the elements into their proper places.

When you see a cloud rise up out of the West, you know that a shower is near, and when you feel a wind from the South, you know it will soon be hot. Why is it that you can see and hear all these portents of change, yet not know that the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand?

Do not be so caught up in your expectations and personal interpretations that you fail to see the Kingdom until it is upon you. I am disappointed in this civilization, for you have had my word spoken to you from your youth, yet understood it not.

Many that have my teachings quick upon their tongues will, nevertheless, be last in my Kingdom because of their pride. And many who have not studied the written word of God, but who have consistently loved their fellow men, will be first. He who exalts himself will be humbled, but he who makes himself a servant to humanity will be appointed to my most trusted positions.

It has been said in the prophecies that the time of these things would not be until “the lightening that lighteth one particle that was bound under heaven, shineth forth and lighteth another part under heaven,” and that when this took place, the coming was near at hand. Those who have ears, let them hear. Those who have eyes, let them read the word of God illuminated by the lightening that was once bound in one particle of matter. Let them know that the time is here.

Waste no time in indecision, but set out at once upon the path you are to take. Identify with my life, accept the gifts that I bring, or take your stance in the dying world. There are many in the camp of Satan this very day who will repent and share in my eternal life. But those who are lukewarm, believing neither this nor that, will be too much associated with the materializing patterns to break free when these tendencies are removed from human levels of consciousness.

Many who sup with Satan this very hour will be the means through which I change the world; but many who now loudly proclaim the praise of the Lord will be the very ones to deny my energies of love and life and the very ones to cling most desperately to their fears and convictions.

Yet it does not have to be this way. The energies that are enfolding your planet are energies of life. There is nothing that needs to stand between them and their free expression through you. There is nothing that needs to stand between you and yourself, between Creator and created, save time, and if you will come now and take my hand, together we will banish it and become as one.

The stewards that I left in ancient times to guide and look after your race, you disregarded and killed. So I came to you myself through Jesus of Nazareth. You crucified me then, for my collective coming was not understood and the forces of materialization were yet strong. This time I come to you in might and glory. You shall not disregard me again; for it is written that “the stone the builders rejected turned out to be the most important stone of all.”

The builders, the earthly patterns, who were molding matter to conform to my unconscious dreams, had so little idea of my true nature that they saw as worthless the most important state of consciousness that had ever rested upon a member of your species. Yet this state of consciousness is to be the only state of consciousness that is to survive into the next age. Do not reject it because of its apparent lack of survival value. Receive it, and learn a new definition of survival.

It will dance in your circuitry and spark your physical body into eternal life. This state of consciousness is the consciousness of the Being of Life himself. It is the current your circuitry was designed to operate on. At this time in your history, you are like an electrical system that has just come off the assembly line but has yet to be plugged in. It will not be much longer, however. In truth, this generation will not pass away until it has come to pass.

The momentum of my coming is as irreversible as the rising and setting of the Sun. The Son of God is destined to go as I have determined, and trouble will ensue for all who try to obstruct the unfoldment. These plans were not made yesterday. These things have been decided of old, even before I quickened the first life upon this planet. It would be well if you accepted the changes of my coming.

Enter gracefully into the patterns that I have prepared for you. Don the garments of my design. They are bodies of light. Your present physical bodies are like unto them as a light without current is like unto one that is lit. Do not continue to define yourselves but allow me to define you in my service. What you will experience will so far surpass your expectations that life in these shadow years will soon be forgotten and left behind, as is a dream that has little meaning.

This life is your own life. These plans are your own plans. On this channel, I speak to you in the second person because for many at this time, this is the most effective means of receiving this information. But do not be deceived by the dichotomy implied in this mode.

I am your life. You are my expression. I am the vine, you are the branches. I am the consciousness, you are my focus. There is no separation, except in time perhaps, and in my presence, time does not exist. I have the clarity now, while you sleep yet in darkness. But I am calling you earnestly to awaken. I would share with you the totality of my perceptions.


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