Gallery: An Independent Centrist

May 28, 2021 by Steve Beckow

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Michael asked me years ago not to give up the blog’s independence:

“The blog site has need to retain its independence as an independent entity that has been in place and strongly formed and anchored prior to any establishment of the foundation and the various, can we say, fingers or elements of that foundation.

It needs editorial independence. It needs policy independence. It needs direction independence and financial independence.

“The blog site has need — and there is reason for this that will become apparent later — it has need to be an independent platform.” (1)

I take Michael’s advice to apply to me personally as well.

So to my desire to operate from the center, (2) add a desire to remain independent of the polarized streams of political thought vying for our attention.

As I push back from the table and excuse myself from what’s transpiring in the online alternative press – because we’re not talking about the mainstream media – I see the value of not being answerable to anyone, except Michael and the Mother.

Now that I look at it, this is not the first time I’ve felt someone trying to bring me into their orbit. And my reaction then was to back away. But I didn’t know at the time what cause I was serving by doing so.

I’m backing away from extremism. What is happening in our world today has nothing to do with one side or the other.  It has everything to do with taking sides and a willingness to go to extremes. You can call me an independent centrist if you like.

Coincidentally with writing this, T sent me a channeling from Meliana which expressed me fully:

“Meliana May 21st

“Many preposterous claims are being made on both sides of all issues right now. In a sense it’s a ‘Battle of the Bands’ as to whether the dark ones or the truthers (and their ilk) as to who can tell the biggest lie. Stay clear of this, sweet one.

“It will get even more outrageous before it calms down. But it will calm. All parties want your undivided and devoted attention albeit for completely different motivations. It is best to ignore them all or at the very least to seriously take their statements within and use your own internal ‘fact checker.’ That will serve you well.” (3)

I also know that this is happening coincidental with major downloads and transmissions that occurred around the blood moon/eclipse in late May.

And I know that all good things live in the center. They don’t live in the extremes, as pleasurable as the short-lived rush of emotions and sensations may be.

I grant that the process of changing planetary management when the incumbent is murderously clinging to position requires momentum.

But the gathering storm that we’re talking about could quickly become a glorified lynch mob if we don’t anchor ourselves in the center. (We’re allegedly already executing people.)

The momentum of a mob guarantees an unfortunate outcome. Our momentum needs to be solidly based in the heart, in the center, in love. (3)

There’s a lot of things I don’t know about. But the center is not one of them. I know that the Self resides in the center, in the seat of the soul. I know that a river of love flows in the center, available to all in endless amounts.

I declare my bias for the center, and not for what is wide of the mark (a “sin” is an archery shot that’s wide of the mark). Right is wide of the mark; left is; fascist, communist, Christian extremism, Muslim extremism, Jewish extremism, Hindu extremism. None of them produce what we’re really looking for.

That’s to be found in the center. Nothing – no amount of overpowering passion or brute force – can change this situation. If we really want to find love and enjoy it, we have to look for it where it is.


(1)  Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Feb. 7, 2013.

(2) Meliana in a channeling through T, May 21, 2021.

(3) See “Compatible with the Center,” May 27, 2021, at


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