Gallery: Archangel Michael Saying, “Enough!” in his Peace Meditation

YMay 27, 2021 by Kathleen Mary Willis

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Archangel Michael’s “Plea for Peace Meditation” through Linda Dillon, September 2015:

“It does not need to take nations making decisions. It does not need to take decades or years. What it takes is you claiming your creator self in sacred union with us and deciding right Now:

‘Enough! We will proceed and we will anchor, not merely as an act of will, as an act of creation, but an act of Love.’”

“When there are billions holding the energy
of the only acceptable reality being peace and Love,
then peace will reign.” ~ AAM

10:10 minutes: As with all undertakings with the Council of Love, we begin by going to the 13th Octave.

The mantra mudra to bring us to the Heart of Mother/Father One is this — thumbs and finger tips together forming a bridge — simple enough.

Put it over your heart, and it’s with 3 clicks, and on the 3rd click you feel yourself lifted up by Archangel Gabrielle and put directly into the Heart of Mother/Father One.

When we do our work from here, all that egoic, or conscious, or mind chatter or monkey head, monkey brain, monkey mind, goes away.

So close your eyes, anchor in your heart in that brilliant tri-flame — 3 clicks — click click click — and a 4th click — to anchor us firmly into the Heart of Mother Gaia, so that as we do our work, we are not only asking for her help and support, we are firmly grounding in form because that is what this Ascension is all about — click — and allow the energy to penetrate you as you feel the shift in dimensions.

Greetings, I Am Michael, Archangel of Peace, Warrior of Love, Bringer of News, and yes, I will use this channel’s voice, her throat, and I will bless her, so do not worry if she coughs or clears her throat.

All Is In Divine Order

I Am Already Penetrating You

My beloved brothers and sisters, you are not merely humans, starseeds, hybrids. I address you — yes, currently as Brothers and Sisters of Earth, of this magnificent Gaia — but when you are out of form, where do you think are, and who do you think you are hanging around with?

Me, Gabrielle, the Masters, your family, your angelic friends and in that experience that you have brought in your mastery to the planet during this time of Ascension, you know fully, it is embedded within you — within your heart and mind and will — the true meaning of peace.

You have always known.

That is why the chaos, the mayhem, the violence is so disturbing to you because your natural state — it may be creative and busy, it may be mental or emotional, it may be extremely human, physical and sexual — but Sweet Angels, it has always been the yearning for peace.

Not necessarily peace, as peace and quiet, but peace! Not merely as safety and security, but the internal, brilliant — might I say Blue Glow of Love as an expression to come and go and be, whether it is quiet or raucous — to live in harmony, to live in balance, to experience the joy of being in form, as angel, as star being, as elf, as fairy, as dog, as cat, as elephant, as blade of grass.

All beings are not merely yearning for peace — yes, even those on the battlefields! — and sometimes the battlefield is home, and sometimes it is in a foreign land. It matters not.

All Beings Yearn For Peace

and then you say to me,

“Well, Michael, why are they not participating?”

Well, my friends, you do not know the entirety of this picture, and you do not know their hearts and how deeply they are yearning for peace.

Those especially where war has become a way of life are tired, and they pray.

They pray to all the various Faces of Mother/Father One God — in their own interpretation, but let me be clear — they are all praying for peace, and you and I, my beloved friends, I don’t enlist you, but I plead with you, let us come together, and do this.

It does not need to take nations making decisions.

It does not need to take decades or years.

What it takes is:

You claiming your creator self

in sacred union with us

and deciding

right Now


“We will proceed and we will anchor,

not merely as an act of will,

as an act of creation

but an act of Love”

Each of you has your sword and shield

that I have given you eons ago.

Some of you have forgotten. Some of you have said, “I am not wild,” forgetting that the sword is to cut away, destruction and illusion, to cut cords that have bound you, and that your shield is not only to protect you, but to declare and hold up with your symbols, your truth — Who You Are to the Universe — but this day, this time, this brief time that we are engaged in, and that will continue for eons, I tell you, I ask of thee:

Place down your sword and shield.


Ease your shoulders

Anchor in your heart

And let the Blue

Gentle Breeze of Peace

of My Breath

of My Essence

pass into you

join with you

especially with your tri-flame

to expand you

to anchor you

and then to pass through you

out the back.

It is simple

I am not asking you to withstand the hurricane winds — yes, these are The Winds of Change — but I am very gentle with thee because I want you to know, even as we begin:

Peace is gentle.

Peace is kind.

Peace is Loving and considerate.

So stand before me,

Place your hands on a table

If you are too nervous, beloveds, sit down, it matters not
but I want you, and I imbue and infuse into this video

My Energy

My conjoining with you

Will you open your heart

Like magnificent French doors

And allow me to come?

I know the answer is yes

O p e n

O p e n  and might I say

In the spirit of this undertaking

S u r r e n d e r

T o  t h e  B l u e  B r e e z e

Michael’s B r e a t h . . .

Michael’s B r e a t h . . .

Michael’s B r e a t h . . .

Let My Breath wash away your fear, 

remove the sorrow and grief of war from your heart and lungs.

Feel this in every cell and fibre of your being.

Allow it not to hold on, but to pass through, and as it passes through, My beloved friends, it is passing through you, each of you, to humanity, and you are holding:

The Breath of Peace

The Blue Flame of Peace

The Blue Flame of Truth

And the Truth Is

There is no violence

No war

No abuse

That can ever be justified

And there is no room for this

On our beloved planet

Do not, do not try and write the script.

My request of you is 3-fold:


B l u e  B r e e z e

And to send the energy

Send the energy

Send the energy

From your hands

From your heart

From your very being

L e t  t h e  B r e e z e  p a s s

T h r o u g h  Y o u

A n d  T o  A l l

Who cower in the dark night of the soul

Praying for relief and peace

Let us do this together Now

And,  yes,

We will declare victory on Valentine’s

I Thank You

I Bless You

I Love You

I Am With You



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