Gallery: The Starseed Transmissions ~ Chapter Five: Mobile Cities of Light

May 25, 2021 by Suzanne Maresca

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I first read this book much closer to when it was originally published back in 1991.  The material in it was channeled by Ken Carey over an 11 day period from December 27, 1978 to January 6, 1979.   I don’t honestly recall my impressions from the first reading, but I’ve kept it on my shelf all these years and was recently nudged to go dust it off and have a look.

What I found inside these pages is nothing short of perfect for these exact times.  Enjoy…

Chapter Five ~ Mobile Cities of Light

These communications are the second in a three part series of conceptual transmissions concerning events now transpiring within the field of magnetic influence around the Earth. The first of these revelations occurred during a period of time from 1967 to 1969. These current transmissions are part of a series being sent during the years 1977 to 1979.

The last of our communications to take place on conceptual levels will be sent during the years 1987 to 1989. All three periods of transmission occur within what we call the period of Individual Awakening, the first of the three major historical periods still before you.

As you read these words, only a handful of your species are able to conceive of themselves as one consciousness, one being, expressing itself simultaneously through a multitude of apparently separate forms. This will not be the case a decade from now. Ten years from now there will be many working signs and wonders in the name of Christ. Twenty years from now, individual awakenings to the reality of Christ consciousness will be commonplace.

Thirty years from now, there will be a sufficient number of healthy functioning holoids to consciously undertake the final cycle of Creation on this level.

A period of years will follow these transmissions during which those of you who have awakened to the new way of being will become grounded on your new level of unified consciousness, and construct with the collective power that will flow through you, a bio-gravitational field of sufficient intensity to draw into it, through a process of rhythmic entrainment, the rest of your race.

This will initiate the second period before you, the Period of Planetary Awakening. This period will last one thousand years. During this time, we will grace your planet with physical manifestations of our angelic extraterrestrial presence. Together, we will work to prepare for the third and primary period of your time-cycle, the Age of Discovery.

At this time in your racial experience, most of you are not yet ready to enter into a closer working relationship with us, but we will prepare you, during the next twenty revolutions of this planet around the Sun, for the time when your collective vibrational patterns are such that we can blend with them on a large scale.

We are still experimenting with various ways and means of accomplishing our task of awakening, but with the increasing ease of direct informational exchange, our work within the currents of your history will probably subside. We hope it will not be necessary to shake you out of your exclusive past-future oriented focus on form through any of the cataclysmic events foretold in your various prophecies.

We will use these if we must in order to protect the biosphere of this planet, but if you follow through on the information we are clarifying, there is no reason why we should have to resort to such extreme measures. Through these transmissions, and through many others like them throughout the Earth, we are supplying you with more than enough information to enable you to restore your own equilibrium.

We are allowing a certain amount of ecological destruction to take place without direct interference, because such destruction may help to precipitate a voluntary and cooperative return to a pre-Fall state. This would be far more meaningful than a return that is forced upon you. A self-initiated awakening will greatly enhance your ability to restore the Earth’s ecological harmony. Consequently, at this time, we are confining our help, as much as possible, to the provision of information and to the development of conceptual clarity.

Meanwhile, there are many among you who will, as the years go by, experience one by one the necessary psychological transformation, and enter into a conscious working relationship with those of us in a state of grace. During this coming twenty year period we will be largely occupied with the conceptual education of your species.

But after that, during the last ten years of this present cycle, we will withdraw our activity on conceptual levels, and focus more directly on physical and emotional levels. This is where the real work needs to be done. The establishment of a conducive conceptual climate, however, is prerequisite.

During our first large scale entry into your historical process in the late Sixties, we learned much of the materializing patterns that presently restrain and define your collective expression of consciousness. Our experiences at that time and during the years that followed have formed much of the conceptual basis for these transmissions. At that time, the members of your species most responsive to our descending vibrational patterns were those who had not yet assumed clearly defined social roles.

Esoterically, these individuals could be said to have had loose etheric bodies. But practically, they were individuals in transition, with few vested interests in the status quo. What made these individuals responsive to our presence was the fact that they had relatively flexible conceptual structures. Within them, we could plant the seeds of our Life-giving information with the greatest chance for successful germination.

We chose the years 1967 to 1969 for this first large scale experiment, because at that time in your global civilization there was an entire generation coming into maturity that was receptive to change on a planetary scale. The children of this generation will be those who will participate, on many different levels, in the great revelations of the late Eighties. This will be a truly momentous time, a time when the first contractions of birth are unmistakable.

A large part of the purpose for these present transmissions is to prepare the parents of this generation for something unprecedented that is to appear in their children.

Our communications during these closing years of the Seventies are reaching past the social fringe of your culture that was contacted during the Sixties. This time, we are reaching deep into the heart of global civilization. We are reaching many who are in what we call “lubricatory positions” in your society — individuals working in factories, teaching in schools, building your cities and expanding your science.

We are not in much direct contact yet with government officials, nor with world bankers and international financiers. in most cases, these elements have surrounded themselves with ego mechanisms too complex to penetrate at this time. Our first contacts with them will occur during the more powerful transmissions of 1987 to 1989.

Those who we are contacting now, nonetheless, are critical enough in the maintenance of your social systems to ensure that the world will make some incredible leaps in consciousness during the next decade. The majority do not have room within their belief structures to accommodate so grand a being as an angel or extraterrestrial, so they respond to our influence as if it were coming from themselves. They feel good, they feel clear, they feel the changes in the air. They wake up a little, throw off some of their defense mechanisms and bring a newer and fresher perspective into each situation.

Consciously or unconsciously, they begin to adjust their vibrational patterns to more thoroughly accommodate the flow of Spirit through them. At times they change radically and attribute their transformation to this or that mechanism. We simply laugh. We do not care how the change comes about as long as it does come.Those who are not yet sensitive enough to sense our presence, feel us as a high, as clarity, or as peace. All we touch are changed in some way.

If it seems to these people that the changes originate within themselves, this is all the better, for in fact they do. We do not bring the Presence of God; that already exists everywhere. We assist in the removal of conceptual and emotional blocks that prevent the full experience of that Presence. We work with all who are vibrationally sympathetic; simple and sincere people who feel our spirit moving, but for the most part, only within the context of their current belief system.

Through communications such as these, we are forging more concise conceptual tools that these individuals and others can use to free themselves. Often, these tools are still too conceptual for the message they contain, but they are useful at this time in loosening the bars of the conceptual prisons in which so many individuals still function. If you found yourself in Hell, it might be appropriate to grab a pitchfork and fight your way out. In a sense, this is the nature of our conceptual work. Once out of Hell, you would no doubt set the pitchfork aside.

The concepts that we are providing at this time are strictly transitional, to be used only until such time as you no longer need them. Their ultimate purpose is the dissolution of subjective thinking. We give them freely to assist your race in releasing itself from the spell of fear and reason. Reason is a beautiful and useful process when it springs from the right premise. But the right premise is seldom the starting point for fearful creatures caught in a net of subjectivity. Only when reason is returned to its proper place in the spiritual structure of true Intelligence and used wisely in the consciousness of the Christ, will it once more begin to serve the needs of the whole.

There is only one Spirit, but no limit to the number of forms through which this Spirit can express. For the moment, these forms seem important, and they are in so far as their contribution to the whole is concerned, but as the years go by, the range of their differentiation will become of much less consequence to individuals who are sincerely offering their lives as channels through which the Spirit can work.

As Life is able to express through such individuals with increasing ease, they will begin to recognize each other as differentiations of the same Spirit. Such individuals could be compared to conscious nerve endings, nerve endings of God in Matter, channeling the Life-flow of Christ-awareness into each and every cell of the Planetary Being.

By the time of the Eighties revelations, knowledge of our existence and our work will be widespread, especially among the younger generation, the prime focus of our efforts at that time. Although awareness of our presence is not necessary to our work, it does facilitate the transfer of information. Many thousands are consciously working with us this very day.

So clear your circuitry, my friend. Great portents of change are in the air. Your physicists are speaking of these things in terms that defy explanation. Your psychologists are abandoning the sinking ships of conventional rationality. Your religions are exploding beyond the confines of their dogma in the re-discovery of Spirit. It is all here in this present moment. Open your mind to possibility. Open your eyes and see what is around you. There is a new vibrational pattern descending upon your planet. Tune into it and learn an effective way of dealing with the closing years of history.

You are being offered an opportunity to enter a new reality. It is already here for those with eyes to see. Soon it will be the only reality to be seen. Those who tune into the new frequencies will find life growing more wondrous every day. Those who tune into fear will find things falling apart.

Two worlds of consciousness will begin to form ever more distinctly; the world of Love and Life, and the world of fear and death. There will continue to be some overlap of these worlds for several years to come, some going back and forth for certain individuals, but as the century draws to a close, the polarization will continue to intensify. The moment of birth will also be the moment of Last Judgment, the moment of final separation.

There will be better times for some and worse for others, depending on their orientation and involvement. Fortunately, the natural tendency of your species is to gravitate toward Love and Life. For the vast majority, the times ahead will be better than they expect. Some of the worst scenarios have already been rendered impossible.  Except in a few isolated pockets where the new energies will not enter until later, the momentum of positive change is being felt everywhere.

The coming age will be a time of incredible blessing, restored ecological balance, international cooperation, and universal harmony. Planetary resources will be realistically understood and properly utilized. Humankind will be at peace. All life-forms will work together in harmony, cultivating the full potential of the planet. It will be an age of revelation, during which the mind and plans of the Creator will be made clear for all to see. It will be the age when the final stage of incarnation becomes fully manifest in form, when Spirit, working through a fully awakened and responsive humanity, constructs for itself a mobile physical body.

Human individuals will not function in such cumbersome fashion as they do today. They will go about their tasks with the grace of dancers, performing to a music that each will hear on his or her own channel, the music of his or her own soul. Through melodies, God will sustain each of His contextual identities in supreme fulfillment. Specific melodies will change with each environment, with each moment, with each task. Yet a consistent overall pattern of musical relationship will constitute the new identity of Mankind. The song of the moment will be what each individual is in that moment, translated into an ever-changing musical score.

Music will be the informational medium through which the Totality of Consciousness informs each individual cell of its specific functional duties within that Totality. Individuals will participate in this music as well as listen to it. All humanity will be involved in Conscious Creation, immensely fulfilled in the capacities they serve. When an individual is not required in a functional capacity, he or she will be free to compose the score that will specify a route of musical travel within the body of Creation.

From a human-cellular perspective, the work that is to transpire during the thousand year Period of Planetary Awakening will manifest as the building of great floating cities of light, massive fleets of inter-galactic star ships, constructed from biological components brought to life by the Creative Intentionality that will work through all humans of that age.

However, from a perspective of Spirit, the Star-Maker will be organically growing through the instrumentality of the human species, a physical body capable of universal exploration. The completed body will resemble a human body in both design and structure.

The completed physical body, incorporating much of the Earth’s biological life, will depart from this planet in approximately 3011 A.D. From the outside it will have the appearance of a human baby of about one year of age. It will function much like the microcosmic human body, with all organs represented. It will be fueled by a fuel all will have learned to live on by that time, light itself. Its design will limit it to speeds slightly less than the speed of light, but this will just be a pleasure cruise, and those
wishing to travel faster will have only to use their non- physical vehicles.

From the human cellular perspective, the construction of this body will be a gloriously enjoyable thousand year period of inter-continental cooperation. From a spiritual perspective, it will be the birth of an organism the likes of which the universe has never seen. As the greatest gathering of interstellar space vehicles ever assembled leaves the Earth in graceful formation, the Christ Child will slowly get up, look around, and push itself off into space.

Yours is not a tame God to be confined in reverent concepts, but a vibrant, playful energy, the very soul and spirit of Life! He comes to Earth not to be somber and devout, but to dance, sing, and enjoy all that He has created. Do not allow the gravity of your planet to weigh upon your consciousness. You have been aware of the effect of gravity on material objects, but it has only been recently, in your space travels, that you have begun to suspect that it also binds and limits consciousness.

As a species, you first began to sense this when human beings entered into orbital patterns around the Earth. In the farthest reaches of the planet’s atmosphere, gravity was felt, for the very first time, as courtship instead of marriage. Were you listening to the reports of those first human space travelers? They were not alone in their capsules. The entire species was present with them in consciousness as collective historical preconceptions began to fall away. Many among you looked out of their eyes and shared the feelings they felt.

Gravitational forces will certainly not be done away with after the Coming, but they will no longer affect human consciousness. Had the Fall not taken place, they never would have. In these last few years, while the influence of Matter still co-exists with the rising Life-energies, do not conceive of your world with such gravity. Lighten up with the merriment of Christ.

Even now the awakening Child is showing Himself to your scientists and mathematicians through playful impossibilities that thwart all their rational explanations. He is laughingly holding up the stage props of contemporary contentions, running to and fro, catching them as they fall, seeing how long He can keep His presence a surprise.

Do you remember when you were small children and the world seemed fun and exciting? Be like those little children again. Come play with us in the wonderland of Matter. It is long years that you have dreamed of your entry into these realms. Your dream has come true!

Wake up and see where you are! If the world sees the happy exuberance of the awakening Creator shining in your eyes and thinks that it is irresponsible in light of this or that growing crisis, patiently explain to them what is happening. Tell them something of the new perspective. In the moment of your presence, in the moment of your being, tell them what you are experiencing and what they might experience too. Let them see that your happiness, your peace, and your serenity are not yours alone, but the reflection in your life of a Being who will always be at His greatest ease.

Do not let this preview of what is to come distract you from the work that lies ahead. Do not store the specifics of this vision in your mind and then expound upon them with rational extrapolations. Feel the spirit of all that we have been saying, embody it practically in your daily living. The vision is real, but there are steps that need to occur before what is already done in Spirit becomes likewise accomplished on the Earth.

You are the means of those steps, the mechanism that the Lord has designed to implement His will in the realm of form. In the stillness of your innermost being, contact Him. Gain His clarity, purpose and direction. When you have received instructions and discovered your area of service, go forth and do what needs to be done.

We are prepared to join in conscious communion, those members of your species who have experienced psychological death and rebirth. Before our help can materialize, however, there must be more openings on human levels. We are unable to commune with humans whose vibrational fields are distorted by ego factors, emotional reactions, excessive conceptualization or past- future orientation. In such cases, our presence would force their vibrational patterns into alignment with ours, robbing them prematurely of a portion of their identity.

We are only able to work with those who are consciously aware of who they are and what they are doing. With these, union becomes re-union.

It is critical that you remember your origin and purpose. Your descent into Matter has reached its low point.If all that you identify with is not to be annihilated in entropic collapse, you must begin waking up, begin living. You have been dead to the most important part of yourself all these years of your history. But your time in the sarcophagus is complete. You shall no more be consumed in the fires of faithlessness.

Arise, then, from the ashes of ignorance and rejoin the cosmic brotherhood. The time of separation has come. There are but two roads before you. You can walk in the innocence of those who trust in the Lord, or perish in the impending collapse of your rational systems. The choice, as it always has been, is yours.


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