Gallery: Ivo Of Vega: Who is Benefiting? What is your Purpose?

May 24, 2021 by Sitara

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Sharon:  I caught myself at it the other day: wondering why I should eat free range eggs. I have switched, but it was because someone said that the chickens laying the eggs are eating grass and other natural things, not human fed corn and gluten in their feed. So I bought them.

I shouldn’t even have considered that. I should have said, “This benefits me, but yes it benefits the chickens and maybe even the earth,” but I thought only of myself. Old habits die hard sometimes but they have to go.

When you can consider others in the things you take action on, you’re service to others, not service to self. The idea of being service to others, of course, is that you’re included in the “others” category. It’s not that you ignore your own needs, it’s just that you consider the greater good alongside your own good.

Ivo: And this, by and large, is not what is happening on planet earth. You saw the video the other day where the doctors were asked about “would they consider a specific change to their practice,” and they responded with, “How much do I get for making it?”

Me: Which is another of my gripes. Working for money makes us selfish, self centered and greedy, which isn’t the true human condition at all. We compete over it, we try to one-up our friends and neighbors to look like we have more of it. It brings out the worst in the human being, and that’s because that system is designed to.

Ivo: Exactly. You are not living in a situation where you are thriving. To thrive, you would be living in a situation of cooperation, but you are not experiencing much cooperation because there is so much competition. They are diametrically opposed opposites.

Me: What about teamwork? What about hockey games?

Ivo: This is barely concealed competition. The focus is always on one key player: a Gretzky, a Jagr, an Ovetchkin… There is always a star and this star is expected to perform. It is a soap opera on skates. Your world’s understanding of cooperation pays poor lip service to the concept, indeed.

In a situation of mutual cooperation, of mutual consideration, how much better do you think your world would be now? When you consider that every step another person makes is intended to help you as well, would you not feel better towards your neighbors? The show of cooperation that you see now between neighbors is relatively small. Perhaps one will shovel the driveway of the other, or one will mow the other’s lawn. These are small gifts.

The lightworker has come here to give the big gifts. So many of you, we still see, feel lost, not knowing why you are on earth, not understanding your mission in life, you want to be of service but the information that is available to you on what your job here is is limited. Because the system you are living in is limited and is not geared towards your empowerment, you understand that it does not hold any of your answers. You are living in the anti-thesis – the opposite of what you need to understand who you are, why you are here and what you desire to do. You need clarity but you are living in chaos and confusion.

So many of you dismiss the aged ones because you feel they are out of touch. Perhaps they have more wisdom to offer you than you think.

For those who do not understand your roles on earth, ask yourself what you are attracted to. Many fields of endeavor will drop from the current roster, such as petrol technology, in the same way the eight track player was also obsoleted. You must understand that some fields will morph and develop into new technology, or become greener, or actually help to treat the health problems of the individual instead of creating other problems, yes, the side effects of your prescription drugs, all these fields will develop into either healthier alternatives or they will die off.

What are you attracted to? What do you wish to do? What line of work are you in now or what line of work would you prefer to be in? What is your hobby, your avocation? Would you like to turn that into a line of service oriented work? Dream. What have you always wanted to do? Sit and dream about what you would want to give the world.

Perhaps this is why the answer does not come to you as well: because you may be asking what you will be doing for yourself, when it is the world that you will be contributing to, not just your self. Switch your focus and see if the answer comes any easier to you. You tend to be more selfish when it comes to thinking about your jobs because you have to earn a living. If you take this same viewpoint and apply it to your life’s work, it may not answer your question because your viewpoint is “me” not “we.” This is a service you will be doing – not working at a job that pays you. The service comes first.

Sharon began working at a job as a communicator when she was service to self. Even then, she understood she was serving her bosses’ needs but her own in the meantime. Many year later, when she desired to strike out on her own, she was met with little success because this was the time that she was to begin doing what she is now: being of complete service to others and the world she lives in. Her attempts to start her own business brought minimal results. Now she utilizes much of the money she earns to serve others although her own basic needs are met.

Understand that your world will go through a long period of healing and learning and many of you will be working in these sectors. Hence, that St Germain should be the Chohan, the master of earth during this Age of Aquarius. He is of the violet flame.

Which brings up another tip: If you do not understand what you want to do, then understand what your ray is. Find out, or ask yourself what ray you are attracted to.

Sharon, for example, is a communicator and that aligns with the throat chakra. The throat chakra color is blue so she is a blue ray at soul level. Sharon is also good at healing. She uses energy in her hands to heal her cat, Merlin, of whatever ails him and he enjoys it. Sharon is an Indigo at earth level and this encompasses the third eye, which is Indigo in color.

Sharon is God’s healing power on earth.

Some of you may be God’s loving power on earth – that would make you a heart centered (pink ray) blue ray (throat chakra).

Some of you are God’s power of wisdom incarnated – that would be the gold chakra (the solar plexus chakra) and the blue throat chakra.

Some of you are God’s love and wisdom incarnate so your strongest centers would be the heart and the solar plexus.

Ask yourself, “How do I see God’s love coming to bear on this planet? If I am the holder of God’s love, how would I love this planet?” And then take action.

Ask yourself, “If I am the power of God incarnate on this planet, then how would God use His power to change planet earth for the better?” And then do what you think it would be.

Understanding that you all carry the seven rays to some degree or another, ask yourselves the questions: How would God use His wisdom, His power, His love, His charity, His creation of harmony through conflict, His healing, His knowledge, His transmutation upon the earth right now? Which stand out most for you and what idea do you have that could utilize this ray?

It is not that difficult. Many of you are doing it already as your predominant rays attract you to the very thing that you and the earth most need. In Sharon’s case, again, she was in need of healing through transmutation, so she became an emotional alchemist, which is what we teach now. She healed her life through healing her emotions, and she did it in such a way as she is an Indigo.

Your earthly ray will indicate to you what route to take.

Of course, it is best when you look at how you can benefit the All instead of just yourself. However in healing one’s self, you are benefiting the All because everyone is connected. We are all One.

Many of you are here to bring the divine feminine power back to earth. You may be allied with one of the strong females who have graced the earth, be it Mary, Athena or Isis. Those of the angelic kingdom may be allied with Jophiel, Ariel or Aurora.

Many of you are here to bring resurrection to the divine male and may be allied with Jesus (Ananda), St Germain or El Morya for example, but by far not limited to these. Nor are the women.

Those of the angelic kingdom can ally with Archangel Michael, Raphael or Uriel.

There are many more angels, divine ones that you align with either through your ray or as an aspect of their soul.

There are some who align with the divinity of their home stars, not earth’s divinity at all. But you are by no means any less powerful.

Some of you are aligned with Herberon, High Priest of Lyra, for example.

Others are helped by many other in the higher dimensions who you can call on when in need.

We wish to get you to understand that you are not alone. Even though you may walk the earth alone and have no comfort or support there, we are with you. Invisible as we may be, we are still there with you, walking with you. You are never alone and your life is not directionless.

So many complain of not knowing their purpose and wanting to go home. That is your ego speaking to you. If you would connect with your soul instead, or do one of the simple things we have outlined in this video, you would perhaps find some direction in life.

Your ego likes to keep you stuck. So when we hear this lament, as we often do, we understand who is running your show. And it is time to put the ego in its place and step into your power. Take a guess, if you must, but do something to serve this world.

The dark alliance knows we help you, it knows you are trying to raise your frequency, it knows who you are before you even realize it yourself. And it will do everything it can to stop you. If you are confused you are in the twilight zone. If you are sure your life has no purpose, you are speaking Matrix. This is your brainwashing talking.

You have a purpose and it is your first task to find out what it is. When you succumb to “my life is meaningless” you will create that and keep yourself stuck. Tell yourself, “My life has a purpose and I am going to find out what it is and to do it!”

Ivo: This should help you to find out what your purpose is. If all else fails, do something good. Do anything to get that momentum of service moving. Do not complain that all is failed. It is not. Go pick up garbage, clean up the beach, set up a website to red pill people, do anything. Join an organization that is doing good. Just get moving in that direction.

Sharon did not know everything the first day she realized she was a starseed. She does not even know everything now. She is being guided and so are you. When you take initiative and get moving to do something positive for the world, no matter if it is your true purpose or not, it will still help you because you have become unstuck.

Me: Thank you, Ivo.

Ivo: I realize that mind control is difficult to overcome. But it must be done. It is the only way to know who you truly are. Others have done it, so can you.

(edited by permission)


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