Gallery: Archangel Michael: New Ways We Are Learning to Heart Communicate

May 19, 2021 by Kathleen Mary Willis

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April 2, 2014 Reading: Kathleen with Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon, Channel for the Council of Love

AAM: There is a great deal of work to be done.

Now can each of you, and will each of you, do it separately?

Yes, but there are areas of conjunction and conjoining, and the difference that you bring in each of your perspectives is valuable.

A difference in perspective is a value-added not a challenge to authority so that there is an understanding.

All opinions, points of view, experiences, heart murmurs, whispers are welcome to be shared. They do not need to be the same vision, they do not need to be the same perception but they do need to be heard.

K: Some voices are much stronger than others.

AAM: Some are stronger but that does not mean — the loudest voice is not the voice that carries the day — and that is what everybody on Gaia is learning.

The strongest voice has been traditionally the voice with the biggest guns or the most money.

That is not acceptable.

So you do not want to, in the microcosm which you are doing for the macrocosm, create a situation where the strongest voice is the deciding voice.

It is important because the one who has the whisper may have the most brilliant insight, not always, but it will always be value added.

Some are very coherent and eloquent in how they use language, and that is a gift, and it is not a gift that we would wish to detract from, but there are also times when the individual receives — and as you have said to the channel have difficulty in translating the complete picture — the vision into immediate eloquence of language.

It means that you allow each other the latitude and the time to express.

And in expression, we are not merely speaking of verbal expression, because when you are given the floor, for example, there is what comes out of your mouth, but truly what is important is what your field is communicating.

And when your field is communicating brilliance and Love and acceptance and inspiration and new approaches, then that will be communicated to the group, because they have agreed to give you the floor and listen; not just listen to your words but the totality of your being.

It is a New Way and it is the Way.

K: What happened on the (New You) Conference Call on Saturday when my voice didn’t work? What happened?

AAM: The energy was so strong, that it literally — it was as if your vocal cords were frozen — there was such a charge of energy and so many crowding in that they over-powered your vocal cords.

K: Did the message go out to the group?

AAM: Yes, it did.

K: I knew what to say but it wouldn’t come up.

AAM: But it came through telepathically. It came through energetically,

K: Good. I felt really terrible about it. It means that I am not good enough to do this job I have been asked to do?

AAM: It is simply not so, and you know, you have lived in a world and you still do to some extent where everything has been rush, rush, rush, deadlines, deadlines, deadlines, and I know that is part of the collective frustration with us, with the Company of Heaven, with the Council is that we do not necessarily work with the same reference to time.

Now we understand your time.

God invented it, and so it is not that we are not aware of it, but we do not have the same feeling or experience of hurrying someone to say what they need to say and get on with it.

When we communicate, not jamming your throat but generally, when we communicate we allow the energy and the messages that are truly subtle to flow.

That is why for example, as we are even having this channeling there are words, but the true communication is in the energy we send you, the energy between the words, between the letters.

It is the heart connection, and that is what human beings are learning, and what they have need to allow sufficient time.

You would not expect a kindergarten person to get up and recite an entire Samuel Beckett play.

So you are in kindergarten, collectively, humanly, in terms of this level of communication.

So to say we have 10 minutes to talk — it doesn’t work — and it most certainly doesn’t work if there is only listening for the words, and not the energy and the heart.


The Blue Flame of Truth

Archangel Michael, today, 
what is the expression of my Infinite potential?


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