Gallery: Using Feelings to Travel Interdimensionally?

May 17, 2021 by Steve Beckow

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Naw. Ain’t no good to you here. Credit:

I’m seeing something about interdimensionality that’s making it easier to understand.

I recalled that, while lying down one day quite a while ago, I had an experience of watching my thoughts and feelings flow by me.

It developed into a full-blown experience of peace as a divine state, divine quality, blessing and virtue, whatever you wish to call the higher states.

Later, Archangel Michael, in a reading, told me that I was “interdimensionally travelling.”  (1) It was done by allowing, experiencing, and following my feelings.

There was a second occasion on which he discussed interdimensionality. He explained my memory loss as “interdimensional slippage”:

AAM: Is there some interdimensional – is there a great deal of interdimensional – and what people would think of as mental or memory slippage? The answer is yes, and you have known this for some time. (2)

Yes, I’d known it – or rather had had to endure it – since at least 2012.

But this interdimensional slippage had been unknown to me because I was looking for it by thinking of myself – that is, whatever body I was in – as travelling. You know, backpack on and ready to go?

I’ve sat with those two comments and could not see a door in to somehow grasping interdimensionality.  I was in the same place with that as I was until recently with “unitive consciousness.” (3) And then this morning I saw the door in.

I saw that I travel interdimensionally – with my feelings.  I’m using the word “feelings” at this moment to include divine states. Because what is a divine state except something felt?

I know the divine states are higher than our everyday feelings, but really, isn’t that my point? From experiencing feelings to experiencing divine states, is this not interdimensional travel?

Seeing this dovetails with knowing that I can take a wisp of love or bliss, most readily caused by memory of a beloved, and “surf it” to the big wave.

Again I wouldn’t be surprised if that involves an element of interdimensionality, the full-blown wave of love in itself being Seventh Dimensional and the full-blown wave of bliss, Eighth-Ninth Dimensional. (4)

But all this has to remain speculation until confirmed by someone with intimate knowledge – credible accounts from the ascended masters, celestials, or the Mother will do for me.

The 16th Century Ch’an Master Zibo discussed the benefits of using feelings to scale the heights or ascend:

“How could the sages be without feelings? It’s just that they penetrate through them and are not beclouded by them.

“They have feelings, but without entanglements. With feelings, there is nowhere they do not reach. Having no entanglements, there is never any love or hate [i.e., preference for or against, leaning].” (5)

I agree that following feelings upwards avoids the entanglement of over-thinking. And, yes, if we lump divine states with feelings, there IS nowhere they cannot reach, in my opinion.

Because no thought is involved, there are no judgments that lead to partiality – loving some and hating others.

Finally, though knowledge of God is the aim of life, the feeling – love of God – is the means of attaining it, according to Sri Ramakrishna:

“What is needed is absorption in God – loving Him intensely. … One is able to realize God just through love. Ecstacy of feeling, devotion, love, and faith – these are the means.” (6)

“Love of God is the one essential thing.”  (7)

In sum, I regard feeling – in particular, love and bliss (I’d suspect, compassion as well) – as the most useful means of climbing Jacob’s Ladder of consciousness and reuniting with God. Feeling, if I’m correct, is a good way to “travel interdimensionally.”


(1) “The Peace that Passeth Understanding,” July 18, 2017, at

(2) Archangel Michael in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Linda Dillon, Sept. 7, 2020. Hereafter AAM.

(3)  See “Steve, Stop Talking about Unitive Consciousness and Just Love,” May 2, 2021, at

(4) Steve: The space that I call transformative love, what dimension is it?

AAM: It is the Seventh Dimension.

Steve: What dimension is bliss?

Archangel Michael: It is between Eight and Nine. (AAM, ibid., Jan. 20, 2016.)

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