Gallery: Judith Kusel: Wave upon Wave

May 17, 2021 by Sitara

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The Power of Love is pouring in with waves upon waves of new sound and musical harmonies, and chords, which humanity lost ages ago. 

More than this the highest frequency vibrations of Light and Sound are reverberating through our spinal columns now and indeed we are being tuned into the Celestial Light and Sound frequencies. 

I cannot find words for this, but like a piano is tuned according to its strings, and like one indeed shortens or lengthens the violin or guitar strings, we now are becoming the strings and the instruments being tuned in, so that the Celestial Symphonies are be played through us and the New Earth again!

With the light and sound updates the color updates are streaming in. These colors are out of the range of our physical eyes but can be picked up via the Third Eye and indeed are almost see-through.

We are now being lifted through the Celestial Sound, Light and Color Frequencies into the 5th and even higher dimensional frequency band, each soul according to it own ability to carry the new and much higher frequencies! Yet, within all of these are the Sacred Geometries, the Sacred Mathematics and Sacred Physics, the Yod Spectrum and indeed the Paradise Keys and Codes returned! 

All is pulsating with new life and new beginning and new creation!

What Joy!

What Beauty!

Miracles are happening and how!

Judith Kusel 


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