Gallery: Magenta Pixie ~ I Dream of Tea Tree Oil

May 13, 2021 by Suzanne Maresca

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May 12, 2021

A bit of a decode might be in order ~

Magenta had a dream last week in which she was a passenger in the front seat of a car. In the UK, that position would be the driver’s seat in the US. Right behind her in the back seat was President Trump, and he spoke to her…

He said that things are moving forward, with lots going on behind the scenes. It’s very, very important, if not crucial, that he’s not seen as being involved in what is occurring. Even though he’s involved behind the scenes, it’s crucial that he’s not seen to be involved in or part of the unfolding.

When things start happening, it will be seen as other groups involved and not him.

At the moment, there are blocks. There are several different entry points [of truth?] coming in, and they’re all being blocked by the DS. They’re blocking different situations or events from occurring.

Magenta explained the situation further by saying that every time a gate opens, the DS moves to close it. The frequency of gates opening has them running to keep up, and they’re expending all their resources in doing so.

Trump said in the dream that all that’s needed is just one gate opening, and that one will start a flood. That’s what’s coming “down the line”…no date given.

Trump is still recognized as the Top Banana.

The gates referred to are the individual states in the US. One state’s forensic audit (Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, etc) flipping the election to Trump because of fraud will result in a flood of other truth that can’t be contained..

Trump can only return after things play out without his apparent involvement.

Magenta reminds us that this was a dream, and to take it “with a pinch of salt.”


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