Gallery: Ivo Of Vega: Seeing Women in the Light

May 3, 2021 by Sitara

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by Sharon Stewart

Sharon:  Reverence for both genders and the creation of life would solve a lot of problems on this planet.    I believe that, instinctively men knew who first had power over them – their mothers – and in typical earthly ways, they have learned to fear her power to give and to nurture life, rather than learning to respect it. I believe fear and respect are often confused.

We all need to see ourselves as God sees us, not as has been dictated to us by a society that divides and separates based on factors we don’t have any control over – our gender, and for that matter, our outer appearance. We were born with it and we don’t have any say in changing these things, (well not typically anyway).

Ivo: Many of you relate to others as saviors or as people who can do something for you. Your stance is indicative of your own disempowered state. Those who seek out female partners to care for you, give you a home, cook for you and more, are disempowered.

However, Sharon’s point is valid: If you cannot see a woman as a person rather than someone to assign some kind of sexual label to, then you have a problematic mind. People are people. And when you begin to start seeing them as such rather than as someone to exploit, because this is what this amounts to, then you have learned to respect life.

You are devaluing a part of God, the part, in fact, that God assigned the task of birthing His new life to, and of rearing in the most delicate years of that being’s life – early childhood. The mother is given the ability to nurture and to feed the baby – providing from her own body the sustenance that baby requires in the earliest time of its life, she literally has given of herself in the entire process of creating this baby and beyond. The cycles of the baby and the mother are coordinated and she learns to respond to the baby’s needs without its having to ask. This is how important motherhood is.

Not that that is the only role of a woman. God has assigned more to her.

Me: Yes.

Ivo: Women on the planet now are raising the light quotient by taking on old thinking such as what we are discussing now, and are fighting the Matrix in order to allow women to be seen in the Light for a change, rather than largely by darkness.

Women stand for bearing life, expressing emotions, caring and nurturing of humanity, and are largely anti-war and anti-destruction of life. The feminine quality of nurturing is seen within many of your professions, especially nursing. Women are asked to do jobs that few others would undertake.

Does this mean that men would not? No. However we are speaking for the unsung hero’s of humanity: women.

Earth is a feminine planet, not a masculine planet, with a feminine soul named Gaia.

Gaia was dying and put out a call for help so many women responded to save her. To play such an important role in the universe was permitted to a female soul.

What you believe of a true masculine is not at all the case. You have much to learn about both sexes – it begins when you begin to understand your own power. Your viewpoint now is one of disempowerment and women have taken the brunt of this throughout the years. They are the scapegoats for many of the Illuminati campaigns.

In the galaxy, women are true equals to their male counterparts. The man understands that to minimize the woman, they minimize themselves. It is universal law. It cannot be any other way.

(edited by permission)


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