Gallery: The Lord Arcturus: You Have the Same Answers Within Yourself

May 2, 2021 by Steve Beckow

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I had a reading a short time back with the Lord Arcturus through the kindness of Marilyn Raffaele .

As an Arcturian, I serve him, as well as Archangel Michael.

I’m most grateful to Marilyn.

He said so many useful things that I’m still digesting it paragraph by paragraph.

One thing he said keeps rattling around in my head and challenging me:

“You are being guided and present times represent a ‘dark night of the soul’ because you are being asked to let go of much that has worked for you in the past. It is not that you no longer seek advice or get readings. It is a matter of realizing and accepting that you have the same answers within your Self if you will just trust and accept it.
” (1)

What does he mean by “much that has worked for you in the past”? Werner Erhard used to talk about our winning number. Our winning number is the performance we construct with our thoughts, speech and behavior designed to win approval and consent from others; “the dance” we do.

My winning number is very soon not going to be working for me any more. What is that winning number?

Everyone’s winning number has many sides. He gave me a clue elsewhere:

“You are continuing to follow the format you started with [on the blog] but you are no longer in that same energy.  Set your intention and allow it to unfold as it may always trusting SELF as to what is appropriate.”

My hunch of what he means by “format” is the research-based way I’ve been writing:  taking down quotes, arranging them in databases, creating articles from them, and making those articles into books. (2)

A lot more of the writing – and this has been happening for a few months now – has been awareness writing, an Ascension ethnography. I feel a push towards doing less research in favor of reporting more on the changes in me, to assist others to see changes in themselves, and the change process itself. We have become the news.

Whatever I’m writing about, the Lord Arcturus recommends that I seek affirmation from my inner guidance and Divine Self, by which I think he means the 7th-Dimensional Oversoul or Higher Self.

“Trust, dear one, trust that you are being guided and begin to trust ever more fully in your own Divine Self rather than continuing to seek it from others– readers, channelers,  messages, or even higher-dimensional beings.  It is time to realize that you are a Divine Being, and expression of Source having everything you could ever need already present within.

“Claim your  Divinity and look to it for your answers. As long as you seek outwardly for what is already present within, you remain in third-dimensional energy.  See?   You are beyond ready to do this.”

As I read his words, I’m aware of a cold feeling around my mid-chest. This is the fear that holds me back in the face of any new venture.

His message was timely.

I was going over in my mind what I’d look like if I came from higher-dimensional love in my life, when I looked again at the reading.

I’ve lacked the courage to make the jump. Fear and trembling over leaving the herd assail me. (3)

I know full well that these feelings only show up when I’m contemplating doing something ahead of the tribe. When the tribe’s energy is fully committed to the space in question, there’s no fear and trembling and making the switch becomes relatively easy.

His words come through as welcome support.  He continued:

“The dilemma for you is that you have one foot in both worlds.  You are spiritually ready to take the three-dimensional foot out and put it with the other one in the higher. “

Indeed I do have one foot in our everyday world and the other flirting with surrendering to love, no matter how much of a nutcase it may have me appear.

I think of this whole scenario as the personal work that confronts the pathfinder: Finding the courage to strike out on one’s own in directions that arise out of the process of exploration itself, even if it leaves one out on the skinny branches.

In this case, the direction is to dispense freely the love that flows from one’s own heart out to the world, without partiality.

Love itself is always, already universal so it just requires me getting out of the way.

None of this requires attaining, achieving, getting. All of it requires letting go, unveiling, revealing.

It means me lifting my foot out of being right, special, and important and taking a stand in the total selflessness of higher-dimensional love, in which state none of the  considerations I just outlined can or do exist.


(1) The Lord Arcturus in a personal reading with Steve Beckow through Marilyn Raffaele, Dec. 12, 2020. All quotes from here.

(2) That seems to be supported by his saying “It is not that you no longer seek advice or get readings. It is a matter of realizing and accepting that you have the same answers within your Self.” Turning inward is the thrust of the way I feel these days, seeking the answers within my Self. So again his words are timely.

(3) Although I acknowledge that I see more and more people into loving interaction these days.


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