Gallery: Want to know what’s going on: Frank is now LIVE for 48 hours

Mike Lindell’s is Live and Broadcasting for 48 Hours

April 19, 2021 by Suzanne Maresca

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My Pillow dot com CEO, Mike Lindell is a Patriot and supporter of the truth.  He’s been using his wealth to create a platform that successfully bypasses the compromised mainstream media in  order to get the truth out to the people of the world.  Today was the live launch of

As you can imagine, there are many who would prefer that We the People remain ignorant of these truths, and his site has been under constant attack.  But Truth and Love shall always prevail!

There have already been a stream of fascinating guests, including General Mike Flynn, Steve Bannon, Dr. Simone Gold and so many others.  All are focused on bringing the truth about the current world situation out to everyone.  They just announced that there are now thirty million people watching from 195 countries, and by the time another hour goes by, I’m sure those numbers will bloom voluminously.

Live Broadcast ~ Day one of a 48-hour stream


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